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Favorite Film now on Netflix!


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... Just popped up on Netflix! Walter Hill made what I considered to be a masterpiece in 1984 that was supposed to be a Rock N Roll Fable Trilogy and Streets Of Fire was the first of the three. A visual and audio feast it is set in a time that seems to be a combination of the 1950's and the future with a mesmerizing Ry Cooder soundtrack. Killer cast with Diane Lane, Bill Paxton, Amy Madigan, Michael Pare and the first time I ever saw Willem Defoe who just blew me away. 

... The film is filled with one cliche on top of another delivered with gusto as if they were being uttered for the very first time. Just genius and soooooooo many critics completely missed the intentional dialogue. Panned almost universally other than a few that recognized the brilliance, I have probably watched it 15 times and it surprisingly still holds up. Very rare for an 80's film. As an aside Diane Lane really wanted the role of the lead rock n roller but Walter Hill saw her as the cute, sweet girl she had played so far in her career and refused to give her an audition. Diane showed up at Walter Hills house in character, never breaking into herself, gave him a hard time and left. Hill was impressed enough to give her the role. 

... Streets Of Fire will not be to everyone tastes but I have never seen another film that is in it's category and I think by the first 15 minutes you will either be completely enthralled or ready to turn it off. Sadly Hill never produced the other 2 parts of the trilogy after such negative reviews. 




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I have always liked Streets of Fire .... watched it several times.

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I've always liked Streets of Fire too. Watched it several times on 123movie and absolutely loved it. I remember this movie was popular during the heyday of video parlors with kinescope TVs. Often with hoarse and hissing sound and a nasal translation. But I didn't watch it then I only saw fragments in the episodes of My Name is Harlequinot. Where the characters watch it on video. I watched it now in a much better quality than I could have seen then. I noticed that even then the clip aesthetics of the film language appeared. The plot is simple fast-paced not drawn out, the camerawork is excellent. There is an inaccuracy in the synopsis. The motorcyclist gang was called rockers. But in the film they are called bikers. Rockers are usually youngsters but bikers are older and tougher like here. Their leader is a nasty guy it's easy to imagine him in an SS uniform. Overall of course it's disposable and I don't particularly like rock music. But you can watch it.

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Several of my favorite Netflix films lately have been foreign language offerings,

but I'll only watch the subtitled ones, never the dubbed ones.

Whether I can understand it or not, I want to hear the original performance, not some fly-by-night voice-over artist.

And if the film does get boring, not being able to understand the dialogue without reading the subtitles makes it easier to nod off and fall asleep.


I think that I'll check out chisag's suggestion, though.  If "sag" means what I guess it does, he's a good source for suggestions


The forum site is slow on weekends.

The people who still work for a living are all out playing.

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I was just browsing through Netflix and stumbled upon The Dig staring Ralph Fiennes and Carey Mulligan. It’s based on the true story of the Sutton Hoo Anglo-Saxon burial site excavation in Suffolk, England during the lead up to WWII. I really enjoyed the movie. Worth a watch.

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