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A playing partner's review of the Stewart X1O : Shoot me now

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Okay, fairly irreverent, but golfed with someone who had the Stewart X10 golf trolley.  I have had a electric trolley for 10 years.   I did not realize until yesterday's round how important QUIET trolleys are.  My two electric trolleys make no unnatural noises (unless i crash them into something as i walk behind them).... The Stewart X10 is unbearable to people not owning that thing.  It whirs like a wind up car when it moves... but worse, it whirs /runs to catch up to the person it is following, then slows to a crawl, then speeds up, then slows down, up/down/up down..... all the while the motor whirs as it gains speed, up/down/up down.... UG

So, imagine listening to that while you swing -- and your partner walks over to their ball?  Yep, maddening.  

Also, your partner cannot move to check out things (l asked him at one point to check if people where off green on a dogleg) - as to have to turn off the follow mode takes a few seconds (dig out remote, turn off, etc)... I could have done it by that time.  (oh and the size of that remote lol)

And, the thing creaks and sounds like a GEO - about ready to fall apart while moving..

While I normally dont review other peoples stuff - this trolley must be banned from all courses - or approval consent forms from playing partners... Just saying..


Note : person who had this was nice, no issues there... just this device was enough to make me want to jump in a lake or throw it in there 🙂


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Quite as a mouse!


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... Yup, MGI ZIP is very quiet but I NEVER move mine once any of my playing pards address their shots. Golfers have been known to look for excuses after hitting a bad shot and I once had a guy say he would never play with a Remote Cart again because it was so distracting when he was trying to hit his shot. Thankfully his playing companion knew him well and immediately jumped in and said while laughing "He never moved his cart when you addressed your shot. Not even for your practice swings. You just suck at golf" LOL. 

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Thanks for posting this. I am considering buying one of these, so good to know something to look for. That would really be annoying to have or play with someone with a noisy one.  

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I have had several brands. Play desert courses so not smooth and hard. They have all made noise, not a lot but some creaking, whatever. Not really noticed engine noises. I'm a retired Marine so think the things should be able to go over river rock and other hazards. Maybe explains why I have had several. I don't move them when people are playing. I guess my first one annoyed a friend because he offered to take it home and I don't know, oil it or something. If I can't fix it with a hammer and/or duct tape, I am at a loss. But I like a little, repeat little, noise because I don't have to watch it 100% of the time. 

The Stewart brand is huge oversees and the follow me mode version is like $2500, so am surprised that they are that loud. Good review, thank you.


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Ive had the bat caddy X8R and now getting the Zip Navigator A.T. 

Everyone better get ready because we are about to have an invasion with electric caddies here in the USA. It's been way over due.

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 Talking, cart noise,or just about  anything else  doesn't bother me. There was a time when anything and everything  bothered me. I made it a priority to learn to play this way. It's really made a difference.  Although, I can't imagine what tour players go thru with spectators. Especially the drunk ones. 

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Another happy user of an MGI Zip Navigator here. Minimal amount of motor noise, and really only noticeable if walking right next to the cart.

Also the group doing the Moto Caddy reviews all seem pretty pleased with them.

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Incredibly happy Alphard eWheels user here.  It's absolutely silent.  Couldn't ask for anything better.  Sorry you had to endure that craziness!

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Very interesting….I have watched every video Stewart has and none of the trolleys made noise. I believe you played with an outlier.

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Hi CrazyLegs87, 

While the X10 Follow may generate a small amount of noise when in use, due to its dual motors (the reason why it is more powerful than conventional carts), we would not expect this to be at a level that would be a distraction out on the course. It is unusual for one of our carts to make the amount of noise you have described, which indicates that your playing partners' cart may need servicing, as this is not performing as expected. 

Additionally, we would always recommend following course etiquette whilst using the X10 (or any electric cart), and stopping while your partner plays their shot. When in Follow mode, the user can simply step backwards towards the cart to enter the neutral zone, stopping all movement of the cart. 

Stewart Golf

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