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Fitted driver goes low and left!??


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Got my long hitting son a driver fitting at Club Champion as a birthday gift. [see pic of his specs] Went from a 10* Ping G with X-flex tour 65 stock upgrade to a 9* TS3 with Tensei CK Pro Orange TX with A1 setting. Normally hits it high so they wanted to create a more boring ball flight.

ISSUE: First 2 times he used it, ball flight was low and to left. Yesterday he was a designated long driver for a hole at a First Tee event, so used his old Ping to hit 48 drives between warmup & event. All high and good shots, a few pulled left or pushed right. Then, he hit 4 drives with the TS3 and they again were lower and missing left, not really a hook.

He’ll reschedule with fitter but any idea what causes this? He has a consistent swing so a mystery to me. When he picked up the club, CC said their bays were busy so he couldn’t hit any there. Crappy service for a $1200 driver!!!

Thanks for any ideas.




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Sounds like shoulder misalignmemt, not the club. From your description his misses with the Ping he is used to are a high push or low pull.  These are the same misses I start to have when my shoulders start aiming left of target. The more I try to step on it the more likely I am to hit the low pull. The temptation with any new driver is to nuke it and the loft/shaft combo in his TS3 pretty much demands it.  Make sure his shoulders are aimed slight right of target or at least square and he should be back to bombing it soon.  The lower the loft the harder it is to see alignment imho.  I game a G400 LST 8.5 adjusted down to 7.9 and had to cure the same issue just adjusting the loft so a new head/loft/shaft combo will take a little getting learning curve.

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Short game savant, driving disaster...

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The did the same to me.  I have a natural ball flight, either straight or a very slight draw in the standard loft position in my G400 Max.

They put me on a TM SIM2 Max head with a MotoreX F1 6s shaft.  Everything low and right and the shaft feels like a metal stick.

The worst combination ever!  I'm finally going next Thursday after finally dealing with the store manager.  Club Champion is unreliable and their so called fitters are no better than an online tool, at least the one I had.

I agree with the gent above, I think is an alignment issue.  Great numbers by the way.

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Consider doing the foot spray test on both drivers to see where he is hitting on the face. I’m guessing he’s hitting the new driver more toe and low. 


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It could be the loft, and low and left usually comes with too low of spin. 

It could be the counter balanced CK Pro Orange shaft, but isn’t the stock Ping shaft at least somewhat counter balanced.

Compare swing weights to make sure there isn’t a big discrepancy there. 

The lie angles should be close at the A1 setting (59* in the Ping and 58.5* in the TS3). But if the shaft lengths are different, the effective lie will make it setup at address and potentially play differently. 

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