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The Poor-Man's Pro V1


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On 6/21/2021 at 11:05 AM, MrShowbiz999 said:

Thanks, jlukes, but it looks like Snell is still out of product and not shipping anytime soon.

I love the Maxfli Tour ball and think it is very comparable to the ProV1 (I actually get more distance and better feel). But I am miserly with my golf spending, so I may be a little biased. 😀

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On 6/21/2021 at 1:28 PM, MrShowbiz999 said:

Given my current skill level, should I even be entertaining a Pro V1-like ball? Maybe I need to dial-back my enthusiasm and find something else like the ones I am already playing?

I agree with Kirkland brand 3 piece balls from Costco. $25 for two dozen. Best ball for that money in my experience. Even if things don’t improve on the course, you’re cutting losses by 75%. 😳. Lessons from a pro might save you $ in the long run too. 

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On 6/21/2021 at 10:22 AM, cnosil said:

I’d look here and compare balls of a similar firmness and cover to the prov1.  Maxfli tour might be a good option. 



that said, if you are losing 2 dozen balls a round, you might want to consider lessons and/or just playing bargain balls until you can control the ball direction a little better.  Or was the course that tough and you don’t normally loose that many?  

Hi! As a 61 year old that started 4 years ago, on a torn left MCL, BTW, I might suggest hitting just punch shots ( shots with 1/2 back swing, & focusing on SOLID contact with the back of the ball ). This drill should eliminate ALL the mistakes that can, and will occur on a full takeaway downswing. Once you are hitting ball first, taking divot after contact & compressing the ball, try going from 9 o'clock backswings to 10, 11, 12 etc. I was given this drill by my 2 handicap neighbor. I actually buy a sleeve of 3 Titleist  AVX Yellow Balls each Spring, with the goal of ending the season with at least 1 left. Remember, finding the fairway, even on a 180 yard drive is far more desirable than swinging for the fences!

Also, some lessons would help significantly, IMHO, if you are losing that many balls.  😉

Took up the game late in life.

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I really don't think the proV1 is for you since they're much firmer than what you've been playing.  I'm 73 and have only been playing for 8 years. Started out playing most anything soft, then saw the MGS golf ball tests and switched to the ProV1. Played them for a couple years and lost just as many of them as the softer balls and saw no change in distance. A few months ago tried the Callaway Supersofts and within a few games I hit my longest drive ever of 240 yards!  I'm sticking with these!

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If you are looking to play ProV1s then the lesser expensive alternative is refurbished balls they will not hold up as much as the new ones but they will still perform similarly.  Other options are www.cutgolf.co as their blue golf ball performs pretty well and is a great value at $19.99/ dozen and the DC is available in Yellow at $29.99/ dozen.  I am a traditionalist and prefer white golf balls but for the money the Blue is super solid.

Michael Miami, FL
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Cleveland CBX 50 degree
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I was really surprised by the Maxfli Tour X 2019,  which you can get at Dick’s for $50 for 2 dozen. I felt distance and spin around the green was reasonably comparable to the ProV1. I thought the Maxfli Tour’s were too soft for me. Although you can get the Tour’s in yellow or green I believe. Haven’t tried the new models. 

Otherwise, Snell or LostGolfBalls is the way to go. 

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Costco ball is your best bet until you improve your direction.  the ball launches well off the tee, but you sacrifice some greenside spin.  I always pick up 2 dozen to play the late fall, winter & early spring seasons around chicago.  Got really tired of losing $4 balls under leaves or plugged in the soft ground.

If you want closer to ProV.  Dick's is running a 2 for $55 on the 2019 balls (won't make a difference to you) 


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I have a co-worker that lives on a course, and mows the greens on the weekend. His son picks balls from the course, separates them by brand and model and year when possible. Co-worker will bring me 3-4 dozen ProV1's, I pick the ones I want, and pay his kid $20/dozen. I pick the best condition and newest version (you can tell by the alignment arrows). I haven't played a new ball in 8 years. All the other comments hold true; lessons especially. Eventually you won't lose nearly as many and golf will be more fun!

It's not about how well you're playing, but who you're playing with.

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I wouldn't worry too much about the ball you are playing if you are losing so many.  I'm new to golf myself and have had rounds where I lost plenty of balls... I try to buy "4A" graded used balls.  I have had great luck with "jerrysgolfballs" on eBay... With the 4A graded balls, they are near-mint condition and you can generally buy them in lots of 48-100 balls at a time for around 75 cents per ball.  

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Good poor man's ball - try the new Top Flite Gamer you can order at Dick's Sporting. Under $25 dozen, it's a good deal.  Good luck & Keep Hitting it well! 

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On 6/21/2021 at 12:28 PM, MrShowbiz999 said:

Given my current skill level, should I even be entertaining a Pro V1-like ball? Maybe I need to dial-back my enthusiasm and find something else like the ones I am already playing?

I am plagued with the same issue and IMO playing a cheaper ball leads me to worrying less. That in itself allows me to enjoy the game more than a ProV would. Recently I’ve been playing the Kirklands, which at about $1 a ball is a solid “cheap mans ProV” 

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Trust me - you don't even want a poor man's Pro v1.   For anyone losing 24 balls in a round spin is your enemy and all tour level balls spin for too much for someone battling a big slice (seems probable in your case).  Likewise it is highly unlikely your skill level has progressed to the point where you can take advantage of tour performance whether it be workability, high compression off of a driver, or spin and touch around the greens.  I can guarantee your playing Pro V1's is hurting your game more than helping it at this stage, from a Specs point of view Pro V1/Prov1x and the competing premium balls cater to a very small portion of recreational golfers (maybe 5-10%) from a pure physics point of view.  Their marketing will certainly convince you otherwise of course.

Snell, Vice, Kirkland are all decent quality what I might consider 'off brand' choices, but to be frank you should look for the best sale you can find until you are well under losing maybe a sleeve every time out.  We all started where you are now, when paying for balls almost outstripped paying green fees and until you can control the ball the ball itself is a bit less important than simply managing the budget.  I also highly recommend looking for balls that are both "soft" with "low spin" rates until you can gain more control.  You will feel the difference when you hit a soft ball clean in the center of the face and will start to gain more control.   A low compression, low spin ball will keep you out of the deep stuff more off the tee, will provide longer distance, and that will help make the game much more enjoyable sooner.

There are several very good used golf ball web sites who also have specials from time to time, which can be important since shipping cost eats away at some of the savings of buying Grade AAAA - essentially flawless 'used' balls.

I suggest your next purchase is a minimum 15' long ball retriever and while you are fishing yours out of the lake grab a few more.  This may prove the best way for you to try out a lot of new brands until you find something you like.  

Whatever brand you settle on- avoid buying new or at least non-on-sale balls until the attrition rate falls below 3 ball per round.  good luck and enjoy!

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4 minutes ago, Phuntdental said:

I am plagued with the same issue and IMO playing a cheaper ball leads me to worrying less. That in itself allows me to enjoy the game more than a ProV would. Recently I’ve been playing the Kirklands, which at about $1 a ball is a solid “cheap mans ProV” 

Part of stress free golf. If you're worried about losing $3-$4 every time you swing that's going to be a big distraction from why you're out there to have fun. Play cheap balls until your losing one or less per round.

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Excuse me for asking this, but, why would you believe you'll need the performance of ProV-1 for your current golf game ?

You just reached 230 on your drive ( total distance ) and you're losing more than 10 golf balls on a more challenging golf course.......  Sounds like you need to practice more with the lessons and stay on the driving range often.

A lesson in course management implied with your ability of golf probably will reduce your errant shots and you'll need a golf ball which will give you more distance.

I seldom look into others golf bag since there be "new" model coming out each year from all the OEM ( some with multiple release of new models annually ).  What will catch my attention is when someone executed a beautiful golf shot.  I'd love to know which club they use.  Surprisingly, Usually not the top brands of golf clubs and golf balls.

However, if the -show and tell- is important for your golf game, by all means use whatever pleases you.  Pro V1 is not the most expensive golf ball there is ,

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The Top Flite Gamer is a decent ball at a great price.  I'm a 10 handicap but there are days when I am snap hooking the ball off the tee and will lose a couple.  You don't feel too bad when you are paying $20 a dozen.

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I would go with the Taylormade TP5 Practice Balls at golfdiscount.com.  I believe you can get them for 19.99.

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