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Indoor Putting Surface

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This may sound odd but I am building a Home Gym and trying to find a surface that works for that plus, I can practice putting on. My plan is to simply go to the flooring supplier and try to find a solution, but thought perhaps someone else has gone through trial and error.

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Try commercial carpeting without any padding. The pile is low and the fibers are tight to hold up to traffic. It also is good to putt on. You will just need to keep your gym equipment clear of the area you want to putt on so you don't get compacted spots. (Dents in the carpet). 

I put this down in my basement in my last house right on concrete and it worked great. 

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Most gyms use a low pile commercial grade carpet, which in theory your could putt on, similar to putting mats or that Toyota carpet that some people use for DYI Putting greens. You could get an artificial turf that has rubber padding underneath, but you would really need to keep your activities separated. In other words, you would need to carve out a section that you just use for putting and a portion for your physical activities, i.e., running, lifting, etc. 

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I’m assuming you are going to use some sort of rubber gym tile or stall mat for the flooring surface of the home gym to give you the necessary footing to not slip as well as for absorption from dropping weights on the floor.

You could find a place that sells artificial turf that could be used in a small section for putting.


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+3 on the commercial, low pile, carpet.  A good many of those mimic artificial putting turf really well.  

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Thanks everyone. I will check out the commercial carpet route. I should have mentioned I don't have room for a separate putting area, artificial turf is out. I also need a surface I can lay down and stretch on. 

Toyota carpet? Interesting

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