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Montgomery AL RTJ Trail


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In a previous topic i received great advice about courses in Birmingham AL. and many directed me to Montgomery.  Can i now get some advice on  Montgomery AL and the three trail sites close by.   1) Cambrian Ridge is the Loblolly nine a step below Sherling and Canyon?   2) Capitol Hill is the Judge course the best?  3) How do the Grand National Courses compare to Cambrian Ridge and Capitol Hill ?  thanks in advance



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I know @Mtbryant01 has played most these, not sure about Cambrian Ridge. What I've heard is that Cambrian Ridge is good course that does not see a ton of traffic. Greenville is not a big city or even a suburb. It probably sees most of the play from people driving down 65 to go to the beach. 

2- I've only played Judge and Legislator. Senator had green renovations recently. You can't go wrong with any of the 3. Judge feels more like the premier course, a championship/tournament course that can play long and I think most (all?) are along the river. Legislator would be a course I could play everyday and I think the regulars tend to favor this one with great greens and a variety of hole layouts. Senator being a links-style layout looks like a fun challenge with the multitude of pot bunkers. It seems more novelty to me. I don't think the red clay of alabama is similar to the sand deposits of the british isles and we don't have the wind either, but nevertheless it seems to be in good condition.

3- @Mtbryant01 I think Grand National courses would be more similar to Capitol Hill than Cambrian Ridge just being on the lake but with the RTJ trail, you can't really go wrong.

Check the RTJ website, they publish their maintenance schedule and stick to it pretty good. You should also look into a all you can play monthly pass if you are here for longer than a week. I've heard for out of towners they offer some pretty sweet deals.

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@TBS nailed it. I haven’t played Cambrian Ridge yet. It might be one of the last RTJ courses I play since it’s not really near anything. Could be a hidden gem, I just haven’t made my way out there yet.

I love the RTJ Capitol Hill courses. The Judge is the toughest, the Legislator is the most unique, and the Senator is somewhere in between those. If I had to rank playing those it would be Judge, Legislator, and then Senator. The LPGA held an event on the Senator if I remember correctly, so nothing against the Senator, I just like the others a little better.

Grand National has 2 fun tracts. I think the Links is closed for renovation through September. The Lakes course is still a lot of fun with some challenging holes bordering the lake. Lakes compares to Judge but slightly easier. Lakes course has held a PGA tour event before.

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I've played all three at Capitol Hill and The Judge would be the one to play with Legislator as the back-up. Not sure why The Senator gets so much press and was a tour stop for the LPGA for a few years.

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