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Restore a Glove Post Round - who has a solution?

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5 hours ago, rwellis4 said:

You need to switch to a Footjoy rain glove. They get better when they get wet, so you won't have to worry if they get too wet.

I agree.   I use a rain glove when the humidity is up.  Works out great.    Even yesterday it was only 75 but it was so damn humid.     The normal leather gloves turn into soggy mush in ten minutes.    (Maybe I should stop drinking beer.)

Some days I use a rain glove on the trail hand too.   

Only bad thing is my rain glove stinks like a hockey glove.   

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I also, have a Velcro patch on my SM bag. I’ve found in the KY humidity, I’ll remove the glove after each shot & stick it back there. I have another one ready for the next shot. Alternate gloves for each shot. I’ve done this for the past 3yrs & it’s worked wonders. The time in between shots, while the glove is riding on the bag, really seems to air it out & keep it somewhat dry. 

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Live in Iowa as well.  FootJoy rain gloves are my go to throughout the year except for very cold condtions. Then switch to the FootJoy winter gloves. Intrigued bh the Tropicool suggestion above though.

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Ziploc bag after the round when the glove is dry.

If you want to recondition: wash, put your hand in the wet glove to form it, air dry, and use a little leather conditioner/softener on the inside of the glove.  

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20 hours ago, Tom the Golf Nut said:

I’ve been doing an unofficial test and review on the Mokom golf glove. So far it is working out well. I keep the glove on the entire round. This week will be its true test. I’m in Myrtle Beach and it’s really humid right now. Probably double the humidity I see in Tennessee. Golfing tomorrow!

Before this I would put the glove on after a round and wash it in the sink with dawn dish soap (blue color). Then hang it to dry but every hour or so I would put my hand back in it and flex everything to prevent the dried up stiff glove problem. 

Enjoy Myrtle!  I'm about 4-1/2 hrs away and LOVE the golf options there, as well as the beach and the restaurants.  Play well!

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I live in Fl and play in the humidity on a regular basis. I started wearing wrists bands like I do for tennis and found I only have to change gloves once a round as opposed to 3 to 4 times. I air dry by hanging on the bag or on the cart. 

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Houston area here. The best thing I’ve found is to just rotate religiously. I typically rotate 2 gloves during a round and take them off after every shot. Even then they will tend to get some sweat around the wrist. At the range I use cheaper gloves but also rotate.

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