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Driver swing speed

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The new ball test underway got me thinking:

a) how many golfers actually know their swing speed with a driver?

b) how do they know their speed (i.e., are their numbers based on iPhone apps, personal launch monitors, GC Quad, professional fitting, etc)?

c) how often do they test their speed?

I ask because I know I have, at best, a “guesstimate” of my swing speed (much closer to 85 than 115).  I don’t own/have access to a launch monitor, I don’t belong to a private club with a pro who might have such equipment, and the nearest fitting center is a 90+ minute drive.  Also, I’m not sure that the good folk at Dick's will be too happy to see me bring my club in and monopolize the hitting bay for 45 minutes to check numbers.

I have recently come round to Tony’s idea that I should play the “best” ball I can afford to lose, and I’m lucky enough I can find enough wayward Pro Vs/TP 5s/etc., on my home course that i rarely buy golf balls.

Still, without accurate swing speed data, I feel like I might be missing out on a good fit.  I know yardages with most of my clubs (except driver/3w/6i which are too inconsistent) but not if/how that transfers to ball choice.

Thoughts on a rainy afternoon in the middle of the mitten. Thanks for reading along.

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Swing speed is a guide. You don't need to know what the actual # is, just a ballpark and then from there play the one that works best for your game from tee to green.

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I know mine because I have access to a launch monitor.  I could also figure it out by driver carry distances on the course; wet day where the ball doesn’t roll and I see the divot.   I have a GPS that will measure shot distance.  Others use arccos or the like.  I also have a swing speed radar for the super speed sticks   

the ball test will also do 100 mph so there will be another speed, but my guess is that like the numbers from last year it will be a fairly linear curve.  

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14 minutes ago, tdc1 said:

Also, I’m not sure that the good folk at Dick's will be too happy to see me bring my club in and monopolize the hitting bay for 45 minutes to check numbers.

it sounds like DSG is the closest access to a decent simulator setup for you.  you should care less about their happiness and get in there once or twice a season to learn your numbers.

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