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Mizuno ES21 : Wedge Review


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I am a huge Mizuno fan, with multiple iron sets over the years - and eventually migrating to all Mizuno wedges.   I watched the ES21 videos with interest, as my 56 degree was due for replacement - and trusting Mizuno decided to purchase the ES21.   I plan to update this post one or two times as I use the wedge more - and get more definitive in my thoughts.  I have had this a week and used it twice on course.

Most important to note is that this wedge is center balanced, not hosel weighted as most blade wedges.  See the Mizuno videos of this for more details.  

Around the Green:

Okay - the main take away, is that this is center weighted!  Okay, I know I just mentioned that above, but that was to give context as to what it is, and now why it matters.  The impact of this change in weighting is significant and affects everything around the green.  The number one very noticeable change is that this weighting causes a ball to come off the face much hotter.  The result is 'different' - and I will do my best to explain how, and why this may be good and bad. 

By hotter, i mean faster.  You may get the spin you expect, but if the ball is travelling faster, it still goes further...  This difference makes sense since on other wedges you don't have the weight behind the ball (center strike).  This change impacts how you approach the shots as you need to adjust your aim points and assumed flight and roll.

The good : out of rough it is much less likely to impact club face, and you will get more solid strikes.  I really like this aspect of the club - as even higher club face strikes, due to the rough, result in a better roll onto the green.  Big plus here.

The good & bad : you get that same impact on clean lies - but need to aim with different flight/roll expectations (per above).  This makes short sided pins a bit more precarious> I will need more time to decide if this can be navigated w/ open clubface or not - as this is still too new.  But, to date I have had a number of shorter chips end up 6-8 ft past the hole, when I know my previous wedge (Mizuno T7) would have been <2ft.  When rechipping I do get closer but have a lighter swing/more open face.

The bad : The big concern I have is :  as I adjust to this center weighted wedge, what happens in the future if i go back to standard wedge weighting?  I likely will have to readjust my swing flight/roll expectations again.   I dont want to retrain myself every 3 years....  (note : I do use 60degree around green as well, but from more predictable lies then when I use my 56... )


Approach Shots:
I will withhold my final analysis on this - as I have not had time on the range yet.  I had hoped that the weighting would result in 2-5 more yards then previous, but so far that seems unlikely.  Also, I have been hitting to the right - but that may be due to limited time w/ club.

1/2 and 3/4 swings seem to be much more predictable , but again, its a bit early.  Definitely will use from the rough though (vs 60 degree) - and expect positive results.



All black shaft / head.  I like the black head - not a huge fan of the black shaft.  I would rather have had the blue head as an option.  But in the end this is all about confidence and preference.



I wanted to post this to give a quick perspective of green play w/ this wedge, as there has been very little written about the club since release.  I don't consider this thicker back a 'player improvement' product at all - so those that give that feedback are basing it only on looks.  It is a technology play that Mizuno is pursuing.  They nailed it on the tech - the question is : is the tech is so good that it may take over all wedges, or is this doomed to be a one-off due to abundance of existing product weighting/feel.  My guess is that it is #2 due to the significant change in its feel... Unless Mizuno sticks with this for years.  

If you are looking for a first wedge or struggle w/ thick lies around the green - this is your product.   If you are great w/ wedges, I would stick w/ existing wedge profiles.  

I am really good w/ wedges, but am going to stick this out for a few weeks to get a final word posted here...




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Mizuno wedges are great .. played the S5 too early in my golfing career to fully appreciate it, but still love the looks and feel of it. Went to CBXs this season for a little "help" and .. so far .. I think they're working out for me. But the new ES21 does look nice!

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Just wanted to update my review after a week:

Around the green:  I am beginning to play with opening the face around the green, and finding that due to the weighting this may make this an extremely versitile club.  I really can play with distance control.  But going to have to work on it more as it is different feel/distance than other wedges.


Approach shots : after a good range session, i can relay that you dont want to be a full swing sweeper with this club, as it gets inconsistent.  I started using 3/4 swing which gave me a better angle of attack, and saw very consistent flight/results.  


Still undecided on if will keep or go back to traditional wedges... (still using my mizuno 60 standard S wedge).. But I do still think there may be a significant benefit to the clubs, but not a net plus yet (still losing a few strokes a round as I am getting used to it)



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