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An (almost) new set of irons


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...for the first time in at least 15 years.

And they're making a noticeable difference this season!

Ping G425 irons, 5-PW, then skip to LW. As a correct-handed golfer (most of us are right-handed; the rest are correct-handed), of course the 52° and 56° wedges had to be special-ordered. In May. Estimated delivery time 4-6 weeks; current ETA is first week of August. But I digress.

Previously I'd been using an Adams Idea set, 3Hy-PW. Added the sand and gap wedges later, secondhand. And they served me pretty well for a long time. But these G425s have shown much more consistency in ball-striking. In fact, the most amazing thing to me is that my old Adams SW & GW, still in the bag until the new matching Pings arrive, have gained 5-10 yards of distance each and improved ball-striking alongside the new irons! Surely this season's swing work has contributed some as well, but there's no question that the fitting and balance of the new clubs are having an unforeseen but very welcome effect on the residual wedges.


Titleist 915 D3 driver, at 9.5° lofted up by 1°. My frustrating swing tendency is to deloft the club at impact, especially with longer clubs.

Titleist TS2 3-Hybrid, at 21°. Got this club last year, and it has been the only long fairway club I need. I was fitted for 3W & 5W at the same time, but when you hit all three types of club 215 yards, well - you only need to keep one.


Odyssey O-Works #7. Also acquired last year. Putting has always been the strength of my game; I averaged 32 putts per round as a 20+ handicap for years using only a cheap Slazenger blade. But now this one is balanced and fitted to my putting stroke, and has improved my lag putting (especially) to the next level. 


Okay, so that's what's in my bag. Nice to meet you all; comments welcome!


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:titelist-small: 915 D3 driver, TS2 21° 3-Hy

:ping-small: :Arccos: G425 5-PW + LW

:adams-small: Idea a7 SW & GW

:odyssey-small: O-Works #7 putter

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