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I used to have a weird problem with 3-6 foot putts...

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...which was especially strange, because putting is otherwise the strength of my game.

A lot of it had to do with the lack of any counterweighting in my putter (I have a straight back-and-forth stroke, and used a cheap Slazenger blade for years), but there's also just a natural loosey-gooseyness about a putt from that distance that eroded my otherwise confident putting.

This season, I've been doing Phil Mickelson's "100" drill, where he sets up 10 balls from 3 feet and continuously goes around the circle, counting how many he makes out of 100... then backs up to 6 feet. I've also adopted his "only change the backswing" approach, where every down/forward swing is made with the same firm intensity. This has basically erased the 3-6 foot problem from my game.

Anyone else have experience with this, or something similar?

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For the shorties I like to focus on more specific target like the outside /inside edge on the hole. For 10 feet or longer than the edge is less of a target and I focus on the hole. 

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