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WITB summer '21 update


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I got MP-20s earlier this year and my bag felt pretty set, I want a new driver but I still hit mine well so haven't made that change as of yet. Moving to a 4 wedge setup recently though:


Driver: 917 D3 9.5* w/ Kiyoshi Black 65-X (C1 Surefit)

3 Wood: 917 F3 15* w/ VA Composites Drago 75-X (D1 Surefit)

Hybrid: 818 H2 19* w/ Ventus Black 10-TX (A2 Surefit)

Irons: MP-20 MB 3-9 w/ PX 6.5

Wedges: T20 47* w/ PX 6.5, SM8 52-08F w/ PX 6.5, SM8 56-10S and 60-04L w/ PX 6.0

Putter: Special Select Squareback 2 w/ Superstroke pistol 1.0

Ball: ProV1X or ProV1X- (still can't decide if I like the left dash or not)


For now it looks like the hybrid or 3 iron will be dropped, considering options for a new club to cover that gap, possibly a higher lofted hybrid or maybe a utility 3 iron I can both hit into a green or nuke when needed. 



Edited by TheProfessor

:titelist-small: 917 D3 9.5* Kiyoshi Black 65-05

:titelist-small: 917 F3 15* VA Drago 75-X

:titelist-small: 818 H2 19* Ventus Black 10-TX

:mizuno-small: MP-20 MB 3-9 PX 6.5, T20 47* PX 6.5

:titelist-small: SM7 54-10S/60-08M PX 6.5/6.0

:titelist-small: Scotty Cameron Special Select Squareback 2

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