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Most comfortable stand bag strap system?

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We all have seen the results where the MGS  crew rated the Ping Hoofer Craz-E Lite the best bag for walking.


However I have found that the strap system on this bag aren’t the most comfortable. They aren’t garbage (at all), but it got me wondering what y’all think are the most comfortable strap systems? 

If any of you have the Mizuno K1-L0 bags, I would LOVE to get your opinion. 

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There is a guy on another website that is a regular walker...he ordered 27 golf bags and said the two most comfortable carry bags were the Ping Craz-E-Lite, but even better was the Vessel VLS...He said that even though the Vessel is heavier, it carries lighter because the strap system is so good...

Personally I don't know anything about the Vessel bags, but after testing 27 bags that was his claim.  

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I’ve got a Crazelite and it’s great to me. Straps are thin, but don’t really notice due to the weight.  But, after looking at the VLS I could see why it carries well too.  How can I disagree with someone who ordered 27 bags?

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When searching for the most comfortable stand bag strap system, the choice of bag can make all the difference. For example, an OGIO golf bag offers a variety of well-padded straps that can distribute the weight of the bag evenly, reducing strain and discomfort. Additionally, OGIO bags are known for their lightweight materials, making them a great choice for those who want to reduce the overall weight of their golf bag. Finally, OGIO's strap systems are designed for easy adjustability, allowing for a proper fit and minimizing any rubbing or chafing. By considering these factors and choosing an OGIO golf bag, you can find a stand bag with a comfortable strap system that will keep you focused on your game.

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I have add some more Suggestions.
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It’s the expensive option, but I have a Vessel Lite Lux and the strap system is self-levelling. They actually appear to have put a lot of thought into it and the rotary style disc that acts as the lynch pin to the system is incredibly effective. It’s the most comfortable bag to carry on the market. The strap system was the main reason I bought it


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Coming from an older (ca. 2012) Ogio stand bag with strap system that was "meh", I recently picked up a Sunday Golf Ryder 23 bag and am completely happy with it. The combination of balance, comfort and light weight hit the sweet spot for my 9-hole weekday afternoon league. My 2 non-strap-related complaints are that 1) due to the overall narrow size, some grips get caught, and 2) as a combination of narrow size and 4-way divider, my putterhead ends up taking up most of the opening and makes it a bit more annoying to replace a wedge after a shot.

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