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More What's on my feet - Sketcher Torque Pro

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I recently picked up some of the Sketcher Torque Pro's after reading the most wanted spiked shoe category.  One of the main reason's I went with them was their score on the comfort/elements/traction rankings.  

I typically play every morning at 6, and in our beautiful Idaho summers, the course is always very wet with dew/watering, and mowed grass sticks to your feet.  I've noticed that I'm literally skating/sliding around vs. my old Puma Ignites or Footjoy Contour Flexes.

I've thought about replacing them with the New Balance they rated very highly as they did very well in the elements and comfort, but not as well in traction.  Based on what I've experienced with the sketchers, the traction really couldn't be that much worse...

Does anyone have shoes they recommend that check the comfort/element/traction boxes?  



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