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Your Golf Equipment Brand History?


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driver/ woods- Palmer precision wood woods- Callaway BB, and then starting about every 7-8 years in 2003- switched out driver and fairway woods with whatever was on the Callaway preowned site, currently rocking the first Epic model (driver, 3,5,7)

irons-  Wilson, Ping (had those eye 2's for a long time), Callaway x-12, Callaway steelhead

Hybrid- Callaway

Wedges- Wilson r 90 (back when we only had one wedge, remember that?),  Vokey

Putters- Ping, Callaway- bounce back and forth, currently Ping Answer

Not sure when I will change again, though hit a friends MB the other day and loved it


Anyone else miss the Rifle shafts from 2001 or 2?

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I've been fairly limited in my club purchases as I took a lengthy break from the game. I think this may change now I'm fully on board....

Driver: Mizuno Blue Rage, Titleist 975 LFE, TM R7, Cobra F6+

3 Wood: Hippo, Mizuno T-Zoid, Titleist 913F (don't use one now)

Hybrid: Titleist 816 19° & 21° (only just started using hybrids)

Iron: Howson Derby, Mizuno MX-23, Mizuno MP32

Wedge: Cleveland CG15/CG12

Putter: Odyssey 2-ball, TM TPi22, Kia Ma Daytona Rossa, DStar custom

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:cobra-small: RADSpeed 9° Matrix Black Tie X-Flex 🐺 

:cobra-small: F9 3/4 Wood Aldila NV 2KXV Blue 

:mizuno-small:CLK 19° Hybrid Speeder Evo HB S 

:mizuno-small: MP54 4-PW Nippon Modus³ Tour 115 X

:titleist-small: SM8 50° F-Grind 

:titleist-small: SM8 54° F-Grind 

:titleist-small: SM8 58° K-Grind 

DStar 'Malvern' Putter 🆕

:titelist-small: AVX & -ProV1X

:footjoy-small: Tour-X 

"Hey mister, your clubs are the wrong way round"..

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First of all this is awesome idea. 


Driver: tm burner 9' bubble shaft, calloway steelhead plus 7.5',6',5.5' used the v2 shaft untill last season then pxg 0811x gen 2 9' smoke yellow.

Woods: olimar tri metal 3 wood 13', Nike 3 and 5 CPR, vapor, sq2 now cobra speed zone 4w 7w atmos black shaft.

Hybrid: cobra baffler 4h 

Irons ping eye2 bc 3-9, Nike combo sets 3-9 from 2000-2004 each new model, back to eye2's now new level 6-pw steelfiber.

Wedges: Cleveland tour action 588's 50,55,60,64 now vokey sm8 black 50,54,58 tensi red. 

Putter: McGregor bullseye knock off, ping answer2, ping answer bc, oddesy two ball, back to ping answer bc, oddesy triple track sven, back to ping answer bc.

Nike clubs was part of college years team sponsorship so had to play them in irons and wood, I was allowed to keep using my driver wedges and putter due to poor performance off tee and around green using Nike stuff. 

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steelhead 9°, rbz 5w, ping awr 2 bc irons, isi irons, or nike vapor irons, cleveland 52°, 58°, 64° 2 ball putter.

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Goldsmith was my introduction set, worked there and got the fever. Built all of my first clubs except wedges and putter.

Moved into Taylormade woods and Titleist irons. Finally put a full Titleist set together and never really looked back. albeit two Cleveland wedges and a Ping putter. 

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Golf is challenging, R U doing the work...or hoping 4 different outcomes?

Titleist C16 irons

Vokey 55°, 60° wedges

Cleveland 50°, 46° wedges

Ping Sigma2 41 inch putter

Titleist D2 driver, 904 / 908 3 and 5 wood 

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On 7/31/2021 at 12:04 PM, PMookie said:

I can’t possibly do this. All I can say is my journey started with Ram Bob Rosburg driver and three wood, a 3/5/7/9 iron of who knows what brand, no idea of the putter I started with, then my first set I got was at HS graduation. Golfsmith woods 1/3/5, and Dunlop Diamond Max irons. After that it’s all a blur….

I'm thinking approximately the same thing.  I'm going to give it a shot, though.

I've gone through a LOT of clubs, and its worse when you consider I've only been playing since fall, 1998.  I will probably forget several somethings.  

Attempting chronological order...

Driver: Dunlop, Goldwin, KZG, Integra, Dynacraft, Golfsmith, Precept, SMT, Louisville Golf, MacGregor, Ram, Wilson, Powerbilt, Bang, Zero Tolerance, TaylorMade, Tour Edge, Bridgestone, Nike, Maltby, Cobra, Ping, Orlimar

Fairways: Dunlop, Tour Edge, Orlimar, Peerless, Snake Eyes, Precept, Mizuno, TaylorMade, Ram, Wilson, Cobra

Hybrid: relatively easy, lol.  TaylorMade, Cobra.  If utilities count here, add Bridgestone

Irons: oh boy...  Dunlop, Goldwin, Tour Edge, Ram, MacGregor, Golfsmith, Dynacraft, Wilson, Palmer, Powerbilt, Precept, Mizuno, Wood Bros, Purefit, TaylorMade, Ping, Tommy Armour, Pinhawk

Wedges: Dunlop, Ram, Wilson, Cleveland, Snake Eyes, Dynacraft, Palmer, Wilson, Zero Tolerance, Mizuno, Maltby

Putter: Dunlop, Ram, Wilson, Spalding, Snake Eyes, Dynacraft, Cleveland, Ping, Geo Low, Mizuno, Yes, Tad Moore

I can't mention models or even individual sets, we'd be here forever.  I've owned three sets of Precept Tour Premiums and three sets of Ram FX Nickel blades, as a couple sad examples...  🙄

Edited by NRJyzr
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Driver: TM Original One 11.5* set to 11*, Aldila NV75 X, 43.5" -or- SpeedZone, HZRDUS Black 75 6.5, 43.5"
3w:  Cobra King LTD, RIP Beta 90, 42" -or- Stage 2 Tour, NV105 X, 42.5"
2h or 3h:  TaylorMade Stage 2 Tour, Aldila NV105 S -or- RIP Alpha 105 S
Irons:  3-PW Mizuno MP37, Recoil Proto 125 F4 (reshaft in progress, slowly); 1i & 3-PW Golden Ram TW276, NV105 S; 2-PW Golden Ram TW282, RIP Tour 115 R
GW: Dynacraft Dual Milled CNC 52*, Steelfiber 125 S; Scratch 8620 DS 53*, Steelfiber 125 S
SW:  Ram TG-898 56*, DGX ss2x; Ram Tom Watson 55*, DGX ss2x; Wilson Staff PMP 58*, DGS; PM Grind 19 58*, stock shaft
Putter:  Snake Eyes Viper Tour Sv1, 34"; Ping Scottsdale TR Craz-E, 35"; Cleveland Huntington Beach 1, 35"
Ball:  Wilson Staff Duo Professional, Bridgestone Tour B-RXS, Callaway Chrome Soft

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Let's see... not necessarily in that order:

Drivers: Cobra OS, PING Rapture V2, R11, TM Burner, Nike Machspeed, Cobra S3, Adams Superfast 12LS, Adams SuperLS, GBB Epic, Cobra SZ

Irons: Cobra OS, PING Rapture V2, TM R9, Mizuno MP59, Callaway Apex CF16, Mizuno JPX921F

Hybrid: PING Rapture V2, TM R9, Idea OS a12, Idea SuperLS

FW: Cobra OS, Rapture V2, TM R9, Cobra S3, Cobra Baffler, Callaway X2Hot Pro

Wedges: Vokey SM something, Mizuno T4 and R series, Vokey SM7

Putter: some Cobra OTR, TM Ghost mallet and blade, Yes! Anne, Tracy II, Cally, Nike Method 001, MLA, EVNROLL ER1

I'm sure there are a couple of putters I forgot there...

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:cobra-small: SpeedZone 9* w/ Aldila Rogue Silver 60 S
:callaway-small: X2 Hot 3 Deep 14.5* w/ Aldila Tour Green 75 S
:taylormade-small: JetSpeed 5W 19* w/ Matrix Velox T 69 S OR :adams-small: Super LS 3H 19* w/ Kuro Kage Black 80 S
:mizuno-small: JPX919 Forged 4-PW w/ Modus3 105 S
:titelist-small: Vokey SM7 50/08F, 54/14F & 58/08M w/ Modus3 115 Wedge
:EVNROLL: ER1 34" w/ SuperStroke Fatso 2.0
MfleKCg.jpg Pro / 9dZCgaF.jpgH2NO Lite Cart Bag / :Clicgear: 3.0 / :918457628_PrecisionPro: NX7 Pro LRF

My reviews: MLA Putter // Titleist SM7 // PING i500 // PuttOUT

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Time to join in on the fun. I'm going start from my non box set of clubs.

Driver -> Taylormade Burner 2.0 -> Taylormade R1 -> Cobra FlyZ Plus (still own) -> Ping G30 -> Cobra King LTD -> Taylormade M2 (2016) -> Ping G400 -> Callaway GBB Epic Sub Zero
3 Wood -> Taylormade Burner -> Taylormade R15 -> Nike Vapor Fly -> Cobra F7 (Current)
Utility/Hybrid - Taylormade Burner Superfast (still own) -> Nike Cover 2.0 (reg and pro versions) -> Cobra Flyz -> Titleist TMB 2 iron -> Ping G410 2/4 iron (current)  
5 Wood - Nike Vapor Fly -> Callaway Rogue (still own)
Irons - Cobra S3 Max -> Cobra AMP Cell -> Cobra AMP Cell Pro -> Taylormade Psi -> Mizuno JPX EZ Forged -> Ping i E1 -> Mizuno MP25 -> Cobra Fly Z Pro (still own) -> Ping i210 (current)
Wedges - Ray Cook wedge set -> Cobra Trusty Rusty -> Callaway MD3 -> Cobra trusty Rust tour Black (still own) -> Ping Glide 1.0 -> Ping Glide 2.0 (current)
Putters - Tommy Armour mallet -> Ping Ketch mid -> Nike Method Mod60 (miss it so much) -> Nike Counterflex S1-12 (still own) -> Ping Tyne (still own) -> Odyssey Stroke Lab 7 (current)
Bags - Ogio Goliath and Ogio black stand both still own 
Gloves - Whatever is on sale and cheapest. I think I have preferred UA in the past though.
Golf Balls - Too many, but TP5 and Zstar XV are current

That was a nice little walk down memory lane!

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 ⛳🛄 as of April 15, 2022

SuperSpeed 2020 from 100-112 and climbing!

Driver:   :callaway-small: Mavrik Sub Zero - Set at 9.5* with Aldila Rogue Max 65 gram 

Wood:    :cobra-small: F7 3 wood 14.5* w/ weight back

               :ping-small: G410 Crossover - 2 and 4 iron

Irons:     :ping-small: i210 5-U w/ Nippon Modus 105 stiff (2018 Tester)

Wedge:  :ping-small: Glide 2.0 54* 58* w/ Nippon Modus 105 Stiff

Putter:   :odyssey-small: Stroke Lab 7 35* and oversized grip (2019 Tester)

Balls:      :srixon-small: Z Star

Other:     :Arccos: 

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Now, if I could choose 1 single club from the stash, that I wish I had never swapped, that would be the Adams Superfast 12LS. Best drives ever!

Luckily, I didn't sell it. It's still somewhere at my folk's place.

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:cobra-small: SpeedZone 9* w/ Aldila Rogue Silver 60 S
:callaway-small: X2 Hot 3 Deep 14.5* w/ Aldila Tour Green 75 S
:taylormade-small: JetSpeed 5W 19* w/ Matrix Velox T 69 S OR :adams-small: Super LS 3H 19* w/ Kuro Kage Black 80 S
:mizuno-small: JPX919 Forged 4-PW w/ Modus3 105 S
:titelist-small: Vokey SM7 50/08F, 54/14F & 58/08M w/ Modus3 115 Wedge
:EVNROLL: ER1 34" w/ SuperStroke Fatso 2.0
MfleKCg.jpg Pro / 9dZCgaF.jpgH2NO Lite Cart Bag / :Clicgear: 3.0 / :918457628_PrecisionPro: NX7 Pro LRF

My reviews: MLA Putter // Titleist SM7 // PING i500 // PuttOUT

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Going all the way back to the persimmon and laminated woods of the 70's.......

Woods were Hogan, Wilson Staff and my favorite driver of that era a Powerbilt Citation.  Then moved on to making my own driver & fairways from Maltby & Golfsmith then a Ping G10 now  Ping G410 & Golfsmith hybrids.  

Irons were WIlson Staff to Palmer Standards to Golfsmith Tour Cavity Forged to the current gamers Mizuno JPX 900 Forged.

A lot of different wedges until settling on Cleveland 588's about 25 years ago.

Putters.....waaay too many to remember but fav's were Bullseye wide flange, ping anser & now the Ping Heppler Fetch,

Modern Bag: :Sub70:  849 Pro 9*, Hazrdous Smoke S Flex;   :titelist-small:  915F 3w, Diamana S+ 70 S flex;  Snake Eyes 15*, & 23* Hybrids; :mizuno-small: JPX 900 Forged 5 - PW, PX LZ 6.0;  :cleveland-small: Tour Action 49*, 53*, 57*; PX LZ 6.5 ;  :ping-small: Heppler Fetch;  Ball - :Snell: MTB-Black; Bag - :1590477705_SunMountain: H2NO 

Classic Bag:  Driver - :wilson_staff_small: Persimmon; 3w - :Hogan: Speed Slot; 5w - :wilson_staff_small: Tour Block; 3 - pw - :wilson_staff_small: Dynapower; sw - Ram Tom Watson;  putter - bullseye standard or flange.

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  • Drivers: Muzuno Quad >TaylorMade System 2 > Callaway Big Bertha > Titleist 983E > Golfsmith Jet Stream Black Box > Adams 460D > McGregor MT 460 > Adams Fast 12 > Cobra FlyZ+
  • Irons: PowerBilt Levelume > Tiltleist Tour Model > Ben Hogan Apex Edge Pro (this is from 1986 to present - 35 years!)
  • Hybrid: Ben Hogan CFT Ti > Titleist 915
  • Putters: Ray Cook Classic > Ping Pal 2 > Ping Anser 4 BeCu > Titleist SC Studio Design 2.5 > Ping Anser BeNi > Titleist SC Studio Design 5 > Cleveland 11S/Titleist Studio Design 2.5
  • Wedges: Cleveland 588 and 900 > Ben Hogan Riviera/Colonial/Carnoustie > MacGregor MT DW > Titleist Vokey SM6
  • Several other drivers and putters I've tried but not in my bag for any length of quality time.
Edited by Titleist87

:cobra-small: Fly Z+ UST Proforce V2 Black

Golfsmith Jet Stream 3W UST Proforce V2

:titelist-small: 915 H3 Diamana Red

:titelist-small: 915 H4 Diamana Red

:benhogan-small: Apex Edge Pro Apex 4

:titelist-small: Vokey SM6 50F/54S/58S

:bettinardi-small: Ben Hogan BHB5/:cleveland-small: Huntington Beach 11S

:titelist-small: Pro V1x


Bag Boy Chiller

Bag Boy Quad XL


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Is it bad that I’ve only been playing for 8 years and I’m not sure I can remember all the clubs I’ve gone through?

Drivers - RBZ, Titleist 913 D2, R1 Black, SLDR, TM M1 430, Callaway XR, Cobra F7, Cobra F8, PXG 0811x Gen 1, Cobra F9, TSi3. 

Fairways - RBZ, M1, M2, Jetspeed, SLDR, XR, PXG 0341x, Srixon Z F85, TSi3. 

Hybrids - RBZ, 913 H.d, Z H85

Utilities - Rsi TP UDI, P790 Udi, New Level NLU-01

Irons - RBZ, 710 Ap2, 712 AP2, TM Tp MC, Hogan PTX, JPX 900 Tour, MP-5, PXG 0311T Gen1, Z965, New Level 902 Forged

Wedges - various SM Vokeys, Hogan Equalizer, TM ATV, Mizuno T7, TM Hi-Toe, PXG 0311, RTX-4

Putters - Odyssey White Ice DART blade, Seemore FGP, Scotty Fastback, Odyssey Works Tank Cruiser 7, TM Spider Tour - Black and Platinum, PXG Bat Attack Gen1, Cleveland HB 1, Cobra Grandsport-35, Odyssey Stroke Lab Seven

Sun Mountain 4.5 LS 14-way
PXG 0811X Gen4 7.5* MCA Diamana S+ 60 X
PXG 0211 15* @ 13.5* MCA Tensei AV Raw White 75 X
New Level NLU-01 18* PX HZRDUS Smoke Black RDX 100 6.5
New Level 902 Forged 4-PW TT DG TI X100
Vokey SM8 48,52,56 TT DG S200
Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport 2
Humble, TX / Right Handed / 10 Handicap / 37.5" 6i @ 61.5* Lie

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Started playing in 2006 with a full set of Wilson Pro Staff multi-metal. Then …

Driver – TaylorMade R7 Quad, Cleveland Hi-Bore XL, Ping G410 Plus

Woods – TaylorMade R7 steelhead, Ping G410

Hybrids – TaylorMade Rescue Dual, Ping G410

Irons – Mizuno MX-23, Mizuno JPX 900

Wedges – Mizuno MP R series, T series, Cleveland CBX 2

Putter – Odyssey White Hot Rossi, Ping Karsten Series


I can see that I might come off as brand loyal, and maybe I am. As a left-hander, I can’t really test all the clubs I’d like, so I started out by buying what was available and stick to whoever is showin’ the love.


DRIVER :ping-small: G410 PLUS 10.5°  |  FAIRWAY :ping-small: G410 3/14.5°  
:ping-small: G410 19°, 22°  |  IRONS :mizuno-small: JPX 900 FORGED 5-PW 
WEDGES :cleveland-small: 
CBX 2 50°, 54°, 58°  |  PUTTER KIRKLAND Signature KS1

BALL :wilson_staff_small: DUO SOFT +   :srixon-small: Z-URS   :callaway-small: SUPERSOFT, HX HOT BITE (old stock)
BAG :1590477705_SunMountain: 3.5 LS  |  PUSHCART :Clicgear: ROVIC RV1S

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Oh boy, this is going to take some time to figure out.  I am certain I will have a few missing in various categories.  I may have to edit my post a few times but here goes nothing:


Ben Hogan laminate wood

Taylormade Tour Burner 9.5° metal wood

Cleveland Classics 485 Tour Action persimmon

Taylormade Tour Burner 8.5° metal wood

Cleveland Classic DG43 persimmon

Bridgestone J’s Professional 9.0° driver

MacGregor TP Special persimmon

MacGregor M85W

Lynx Boom Boom 9°
McHenry Metals 9°

Callaway Big Bertha 9°

Taylormade Tour Burner 9°

MacGregor 945W persimmon

Titleist 975D 8.5°

Titleist 975JVS 8.5°

Tommy Armour Tommy Gun 9° titanium

Taylormade 300 9°

Titleist 983K 8.5°

Titleist 983E 8.5°

Nike 9.5° (original blue colored driver)

Titleist 905T 8.5°

Titleist 915 D3 9.5°

Titleist 905S 9.5°

Taylormade M1 9.5° 430cc

Taylormade M3 9° 440cc

Taylormade 300 Mini 11.5°


3 Ws:

Ben Hogan laminate 3W

Taylormade Tour Burner 3W 15°

MacGregor 1953 945W persimmon - 3W

MacGregor 1952 M75W Eye-O-Matic – 3W (for a couple rounds)

Titleist PT15

Titleist 970 15°

Titleist 906 F2 15°

Taylormade M4 15°



Fairway Woods or Hybrids:

Ben Hogan laminate 5W

Taylormade Tour Burner 5W 20°

Sonartec MD 2I hybrid

Taylormade SLDR 2I Hybrid

Taylormade Sim2 2I Hybrid



Ben Hogan Radials (3-E)

Arnold Palmer Peerless (3-PW)

MacGregor Muirfield 20th (1, 3-PW)

MacGregor VIP – 1990 remake (3-PW)

Cleveland Classic Tour Action 588 blades (3-PW)

Cleveland Classic Tour Action 588p (3-PW)

Ben Hogan Apex – 1992 blade (3-E)

MacGregor VIP Tour CB92 (3-PW)

Lynx Paralax irons (3-PW) – because Fred Couples and very short lived

Ram FX2 (3-PW)

Ram Tour Grinds (3-PW)

MacGregor Muirfield (3-PW)

Titleist 692 (3-PW)

Titleist 962b (3-PW)

Ben Hogan Apex blades 1999 (3-E)

Ping i3 Black (3-PW)

Mizuno MP32 (3-PW)

Ping i3 Black (3-PW)

Mizuno MP30 (3-PW) – short lived

Mizuno MP59 (3-PW)

Ben Hogan Apex blades 1999 (3-E) second set

Mizuno JPX-900 Tour (3-PW) – short lived

Ben Hogan Icon blades (3-PW)



WAY TOO MANY TO LIST!!!  But the major ones:

Spaulding T.P. Mills (forgot what model)

Ping B60

Wilson Tour Special II

Cleveland Classic Designed by (blade)

Wilson 8813 (original)

Ping Zing

Ram Zebra

Ray Cook M1

Scotty Cameron Catalina

Scotty Cameron Coronado (gunned blue then 1995 copper)

Ping Zing 80520 black band

Scotty Cameron Inspired by Brad Faxon

Scotty Cameron X2 mallet

Scotty Cameron Circa 1

TP Mills Tradition II

TP Mills Soft Tail

TP Mills Tour Huey custom (made for the 2012 tournament tour bag)

Byron Morgan Epic Day custom

Byron Morgan DH89 GSS custom 



Any ball I could find – anything cheap. 

Titleist Pinnacle Gold

Titleist DT

Titleist 384/Tour Balata

Titleist Tour Prestige

Titleist Professional

Maxfli Revolution

Maxfli A10

Titleist ProV1

-          Then tried a few balls from Nike/Bridgestone/Callaway but nothing could get the ProV1 out of the bag

Taylormade Tour Preferred (2016 model)

-          As of late tried Snell MTB and MTB-X and Taylormade TP5 (will go in the bag after my last few TM Tour Preferred 2016 balls are gone)


Edited by RobotDoctor

Driver:  TaylorMade 300 Mini 11.5° (10.2°), Fujikura Ventus Blue 5S Velocore

3W:  TaylorMade M4 15°, Graphite Design Tour AD DI 7S

Hybrid:  TaylorMade Sim2 2 Iron Hybrid 17°, Mitsubishi Tensai AV Raw Blue 80 stiff

Irons:  Ben Hogan Icon blades 4-PW, Nippon Modus3 Tour 120 stiff

GW / LW:  Scratch Golf 1018 forged 50°/ 58° DS, Nippon Modus3 Tour 120 stiff

SW:  Callaway MD5 Jaws 54°, TT DG Tour Issue S200 115g wedge shaft

Putter: Byron Morgan DH89 GSS custom, Salty MidPlus cork grip

Grips: BestGrips Augusta Microperf leather slip on

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This a fun thread and certainly brings back quite a few nostalgic memories.

Won’t run through every club, but two of my fav iron sets I’ve owned were the Mizuno T-Zoids and Titleist 962Bs ... regret parting with both. 

For driver it’ll be the Titleist 975J and the game changing Taylormade R7 were two personal favs. 

Will always have a soft spot for Precept golf balls during amateur/youth golfing days. 

Driver: :ping-small: G410 SFT 10.5*

3W: :cobra-small:  Speedzone 14.5*

Hybrid: :titelist-small: TS2 19* & 21*

Irons: :ping-small:  G425 (5-PW) 

Wedges: :ping-small:  Glide 3.0 50* :titelist-small: Vokey SM7 54* & 58*

Putter: :ping-small:  Heppler Anser 2

Ball: :titelist-small: Pro V1 & :Snell: MTB-Black


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