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Powerbilt set or Maltby/piecemeal for a tall beginner?


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I'm a 6'4" 40-year-old getting into golf after having not played since I was a kid. I ordered a Maltby sti2 +1" iron set and planned on putting together the rest of my set piecemeal as I find good used deals. The irons are backordered and while waiting, I found the Powerbilt Power Pro +1" set for $300. Would this be the smarter way to get started? I can't find any reviews of the set. It's definitely a couple hundred dollars cheaper than putting together a set myself. Maybe better to use this set to work on my game a bit and figure out what I need to upgrade?

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Power built is a good starter set, I have the STi 2 iron set 6 thru gw. I would say  the STi 2 is a set you would keep for a long time, and you came add any irons you want. Maltby is a great set that plays well.

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Getting a complete set is the way to go, find out your club speed and select shafts accordingly. Learning is more about taking control of the aspects of grip, ball position, balance,  and many more. Once you get comfortable and start scoring,  then you can look at upgrading. Focus on learning how to score, advance the ball towards the green, getting the ball on the green and avoiding 3 puts or worse.   Equipment does not make the player, look at all the great players who learned the game with cast-off clubs. Trevino learned the game with a 7 iron he found. 


Golf is challenging, R U doing the work...or hoping 4 different outcomes?

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Be extremely careful building a custom set over standard length - swing weights can get out of weight quickly!

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