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What golf balls are players using


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I game the Maxfli Tour/Tour X.  I also game the Top Flite Gamer at times when not competing.

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Driver: PXG 0211 w/Evenflo Riptide CB Regular shaft

Fairways:  PXG 0211 5W & 7W w/ Evenflo Riptide CB  regular shaft and Tour Edge E521 9W w/Fubuki HD50 regular shaft

Hybrid: Ben Hogan VKTR 3 Hybrid(18*)w/Recoil ES regular shaft

Irons: Ben Hogan Ptx 5-PW w/Recoil 660 Regular graphite shafts; soon to be Titleist T300

Wedges: Ben Hogan Tkt-15 (49*/53*/57*) w/Recoil 660 Regular shafts 

Putter: 33”  Evnroll ER2 w/Evnroll Gravity Grip 

Bag: Vice cart bag(Black). 

Ball: Maxfli Tour CG & Titleist Pro V1x.

Using Shot Scope V3 and MG4000 Rangefinder

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If you don’t like how a ball looks, do you still play it because of performance? I find it difficult to stare down at a ball I don’t find visually appealing. I like clean and simple, without huge alignment aids, etc. covering the ball.  And the logo shouldn’t be overpowering. 

Coming from Bridgestone, I will be putting into play some prior edition Maxfli Tour balls this week.  To me they are visually appealing and and hope they perform to expectations.  That said, the alignment aides on the new Maxfli Tour balls is distracting.  Snell has my attention too-- clean looking ball, simple alignment, and a well-liked ball it seems.

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I just moved into the Clear Tour Black. I had tried the Clear CS (Prior Generation) when they were marked down to $32. I loved the performance but the covers tore off super quick. I emailed Clear and they were amazing and sent out a replacement of my full order in the Tour Blacks. I haven't had a single issue with them and they perform even better than the CS. A lot more feel and spin around the greens and just so stable through the wind.

In my bag:

Driver: :cobra-small: Speedzone Xtreme 9.0* Fujikura Motore X F1 6X

Wood: :cobra-small: Speedzone Tour Fujikura Motore X F1 7X

Hybrids: :cobra-small: King Utility 19.5* Diamana Tensei White Pro 90TX

Irons: :srixon-small: Srixon ZX5 4-6 (1 degree weak), ZX7 7-PW Project X 6.5

Wedges: :taylormade-small: Milled Grind 3 50*, 54*, 58* Tour Issue S400

Putter: :seemore-small: Nashville Z1C 34"

 Ball: :bridgestone-small: Tour B X 

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I've been playing Bridgestone Tour B RX in yellow for a few seasons. Prior to that I was playing the Tour B RXS and Callaway Chrome Soft (Also in yellow of course!). I may dabble in some different balls once the new Ball Test comes out, it's about time I revisit my own ball testing... 

In the Sun Mountain 4.5LS 14-way bag:
Driver: :taylormade-small: M2 10.5° :: Accra FX260
Fairway: :taylormade-small: M5 19° :: Fujikura ATMOS Tour Spec 7X Blue
Hybrid: :titelist-small: TS2 21° :: Mitsubishi Black 80G50
Irons:  :taylormade-small: P790 (5-AW) :: KBS Tour 110
Sand Wedge: :cleveland-small: CBX-2 54° :: KBS Tour 110
Lob Wedge: :cleveland-small: RTX-3 58° :: TT Dynamic Gold
Putter: :cameron-small: Phantom X 5.5
Ball: :titelist-small: AVX
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Srixon Q-Star Tour

Certified Club Fitter.

Ping G425 Max Driver 10.5° w/Diamona S+ LTD Blue-Board 70 R Flex

Ping G410 5 Fairway Wood Mitsubishi Tensi Orange R Flex

Ping G410 4-5-6 Hybrids Mitsubishi Tensi Blue R Flex

Ping i500 Irons 5-U w/Recoil SmacWrap F3 Flex (power-spec lofts)

Ping 3.0 Eye2 Glide Wedges 54°-58° w/Recoil SmacWrap F3 Flex

2021 Ping Fetch Putter/1996 Original Odyssey (not Callaway) Dual Force Rossie Blade

PING Pioneer Cart Bag

Lamkin Sonar+ Mid-Size Grips

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Am a Prov1 guy, after being fitted for them based on my golf game.  Like the feel and performance.  Have tried the Prov1x, AVX and Tour Speed.  💯   

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DRIVER - TSI3 10.75* - Fujikura Speeder 661 TR S  

FAIRWAY - TSI2 16.5* - Fujikura Motore Speeder VC 6.1 S

HYBRID - 816H1 18.0* - Fujikura Motore Speeder HB 8.8 Tour Spec S

HYBRID - 818H1 21.0* - Fujikura Motore Speeder HB 8.8 Tour Spec S

IRONS - T300 (2019) - 5-W - True Temper AMT Red 107g-95gm R300

WEDGES - VOKEY SM9 - 52.08F, 56.10S - True Temper AMT Red 94gm R300,  SM7 - 58.12D N.S. PRO 950GH R300       

***  GolfPride MC+4 Midsize Grips  (all woods/irons/wedges) 

PUTTER - 2020 CAMERON SPECIAL SELECT CUSTOM  - 35" Newport 2                                                    * GolfPride SNSR 104 Grip


GOLF BAG - TITLEIST - Midsize Tour Bag Black/Black/Red and Black Cart 14 

GOLF GLOVE - FOOTJOY - StaSof, Hyper Flex, StaCooler, Rain Glove




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I am using the left dash PRO V 1 X ! Awesome ball !! Awesome ball flight with great feel around the green. Will be hard to find anything better at this point ! I will wait and see what the ball test results  look like ! 


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Currently using and very happy with Chrome Soft and ERC Soft as a switch off.


D- Ping G 400 SFT

16*- Adams Tight Lie

19*- Adams Tight Lie

4H- Ping G 400

5-U- Ping G 400

SW- Nike

56*- Ping Glide 2

P- Odessey 7

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I use Maxfli tour or USoft, tour if they’re on sale. Maxfli’s QC was mentioned to be good right behind Titleist so I feel good about that. If I decide to upgrade it’ll be Pro V1s, but for now I’m happy with what I use.

Cobra F9 driver and 3 wood, Mitsubishi Tensei CK Blue regular flex 60 shafts in both. PXG 5 wood, Diamana S+ regular flex 60 shaft. Ben Hogan 4-PW irons, regular flex Recoil shafts, 70g. Ben Hogan Equalizer wedges, 48, 52, and 56 degrees, Recoil shafts. Scotty Cameron Futura 5S putter. Ping Pioneer bag. Garmin G80 range finder. Maxfli tour golf balls. 

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Normally Play ProV1x, lately trying other golf balls - Bridgestone B rxs and both Taylor's TP5 & TP5x.  Really like the TP5. Ball seems to fly off club and feels good putting. Tried the B RXS, since it's good enough for Couples, good ball & like it. just bought a dozen used to try out. 

Callaway Maverick Pro - Std Length, 5-PW & A Wedge - Elevate 105 stiff Steel Shafts-

 Callaway EPIC 9.0 Subzero - set at 10.0 Draw bias - 6.0 Stiff Flex

Fairway Woods:  Callaway Maverick 3W & RazrX Black 5W - Stiff Flex

Rescue:  Apex 4 (21 degree )- Recoil 75H stiff flex 

Wedges: Titleist SM5 - 54 (M Grind) wedge flex; SM5 60 (S grind) wedge flex

Putter: Scotty Cameron - Select Newport 2

Ball: Titleist ProV1x

Handicap 0.6

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Hey everyone, 

First time posting here as I just joined up in the last week. I just put the Vice Pro into play this week for the first time. I played well for my first round with them considering I am working through some swing changes. They go plenty high while still penetrating, and were very receptive to shot shaping though MY control wasn't necessarily consistent. I just need to figure how easily I can flight them down. Short game spin control is something I still need to flesh out, though they seemed to perform similar enough to the Maxfli Tour CG I just ran out of. They felt great to me. Though maybe I should have practiced with them a bit more to get a better feel for short game response before putting them in play. 🙄

As mentioned above, I'm just coming off gaming the Maxfi Tour CG (appealing price tag) for my first 5.5 rounds this year which I also felt had great feel and control (vice pro feel softer to me) however I felt the matte green finish contributed to the ball getting/staying dirty looking much quicker. The cover also seemed to turn yellow around the outside of the dimples rather quickly. While this didn't seem to impact performance, my nit-picky eye didn't like it lol.


Anyone else been playing the Vice Pro or Pro Plus regularly? Any comparison thoughts between the two?

Titleist 913D

Nike VRS Covert Tour 3w

Nike VRS Covert Tour 5w

Nike Vapor Pro Combo 4-PW

Titleist Vokey SM4 50, 54, 60

Taylormade Spider Tour


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I've been playing Vice Pro now for about 4 years. I tried all of their models to start with to compare them with ProV's which I played before. I found the Vice Pro to play very comparable for my game and at half the price of ProV's it was a no brainer for me. I tried the Vice Pro Plus and found them to feel harder than the Pro model. I like the soft feel of the Pro model and I get the same distance I was getting with ProV's. So for me, I'll stick with the Vice Pro since I buy them in bulk (5+ dozen) to get the best price that Vice offers. I also like the fact that Vice will personalize them for a minimal cost so I don't have to worry about marking my ball when I use them.

Driver: Callaway Epic Speed 9* - Mitsubishi Tensei AV Blue 65, Stiff

3 Wood: Callaway Epic Flash 3 Wood 15* - Mitsubishi Tensei AV Blue 75, Stiff

Hybrids: Callaway Epic Flash Hybrid #3 18* - Mitsubishi Tensei AV Silver 70, Stiff

               Callaway Epic Flash Hybrid #4 21* - Mitsubishi Tensei AV Silver 70, Stiff

               Callaway Epic Flash Hybrid #5 24* - Mitsubishi Tensei AV Silver 70, Stiff

               Callaway Epic Flash Hybrid #6 27* - Mitsubishi Tensei AV Silver 65, Regular

Irons: KZG XCB 6-AW - Aerotech SteelFiber I80, Regular 2* Flat

Wedge: Cleveland CBX - 56* 12*, 2* Flat

Putter: Odyssey Toe Up #1, Ball: Vice Pro

"Perception is Reality"

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Last 1.5 years, Srixon Z-Star XV. However, I’m finding that theses balls spin to much for me on short irons; especially wedges. I’m currently playing Pro Vs, and will be loading up on Snell MTB Black. I like the Pro Vs, but 1) I’ve hit the Snell so well, 2) they feel really good at impact, 3) they performed as well ad the Z-Star & Pro V, and 4) the value is crazy good. Honestly, if the Pro V was $35/dz I would still be debating which to buy: Pro V or Snell MTB Black. I don’t have any allegiance to a particular ball.

 I think we’ll all have are own nuances and preferences, as far as ball choice goes, so go with what you think, and feel (sensory wise), fits you best. 

Reside in Roseville, California


Driver: :srixon-small: ZX-5, Haz Riptide X-stiff

3-Wood: :mizuno-small: ST190 3wd Fuji Atmos X-Stiff

Hybrid: :ping-small: G400 2H 17 Deg, Stock Ping shaft X-stiff

Irons: :mizuno-small: JPX HMP 4-g, Proj X Lz 

Wedge: :titelist-small: SM7 54 deg, 10 bounce, & SM7 58 deg, 8 bounce, DG X100

Wedge: :wilson-small: FG PMP 62 deg, 07 bounce, KBS X-Stiff, 

Flat Stick: :taylormade-small: Spider X, copper 

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On 8/2/2021 at 8:58 AM, Berg Ryman said:

Right now it's my ProV1X's that I bought during this year's buy 3, get one sale, but I am intrigued to see the results of Ball Test 2021, namely both the Srixon balls and the DTC space since I still have stuff with Srixon to get me their balls at cheaper cost and the DTC balls I've played this season (Vice Pro Plus, Oncore) are good but I want to see the comparison to see if the cost difference can make up any perceived performance difference. Odds are I won't need to buy until next season anyway, but I want to know.

Are the Vice balls really DTC anymore?  Didn't I just see them in Walmart?


Taylormade SIM2 Max 9° w/ PX HZRDUS Smoke Black 6.0, 60g @ 45"

TM V-Steel 5wd w/ Aldila Rogue Max 85x (holding down the fort until I can acquire a new fairway wood)

Srixon Z765 irons w/ PX LZ 6.0 (holding down the fort until I can get new irons)

Cleveland RTX-4 58/03

Odyssey SL EXO Marxman


Epic Speed 4wd or SIM2 Max 3HL

Callaway UT

Srixon irons (some combination of ZX5, ZX7, and forged) likely with Aerotech i95 or i110 stiff shafts

Either RTX Zipcore or CBX2 wedge(s)


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I've been using Srixon Z-Star until this year when I discovered the Maxfli Tour CG.  I've been using the Maxfli's about 5 months and I'm getting consistently more distance with similar performance around the green.  I'll ride this horse until I find a better one for the price.

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  • Driver: PXG 0811 XF 10.5 set to 9 w/Tensei 50 R flex
  • PXG 0317 X 3H 19 w/Mitsubishi Chemical 70 R flex
  • Cleveland Launcher 4-PW XL Halo R flex irons
  • Cobra Speed Zone GW R flex
  • Cleveland 54 & 58 CBX R flex 
  • Cobra Supernova putter
  • Maxfli Tour CG
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In the last few years I have used Titleist ProV1, ProV1X, AVX, Taylormade TP 5, TP5 X and Project (a). Of these I played the TP5 and Project (a) the most.  Love the distance of the new TP5 X but doesn't spin enough on middle irons and hybrids.  Project (a) isn't as long off the driver but almost a full club longer on irons than the TP5 and x.  I tried the new Maxfli Tour X and absolutely love it. It is as long as TP 5X and spins better than a TP 5 or ProV1.  Not as long off the irons as Project (a) but for me, its the best value in golf. I am awaiting your ball testing results to see how fair you are to a now hyped ball owned by a sporting goods store.  There is no better value in golf, I have played the Snell's tour ball  (longest ball in golf) versions and Maxfli Tour X is a better ball, at least for me.  My swing speed is 90-95 (senior) and still get it out 230-250. index 5.5.

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I am currently gaming the last few 2016 Taylormade Tour Preferred balls I have.  I have about 8-10 more.  I have a few dozen Taylormade TP5 practice balls that I will rotate in once the 2016 Tour Preferred have been retired.  I have also recently tried the Snell MT and MT-X balls to see whether I like them and if they suit my game.  So far I prefer the MT-X ball over the MT (Black).  That said I still prefer the Taylormade ball over the Snell ball but my testing of the Snell ball isn't complete.

Driver:  TaylorMade 300 Mini 11.5° (10.2°), Fujikura Ventus Blue 5S Velocore

3W:  TaylorMade M4 15°, Graphite Design Tour AD DI 7S

Hybrid:  TaylorMade Sim2 2 Iron Hybrid 17°, Mitsubishi Tensai AV Raw Blue 80 stiff

Irons:  Ben Hogan Icon blades 4-PW, Nippon Modus3 Tour 120 stiff

GW / LW:  Scratch Golf 1018 forged 50°/ 58° DS, Nippon Modus3 Tour 120 stiff

SW:  Callaway MD5 Jaws 54°, TT DG Tour Issue S200 115g wedge shaft

Putter: Byron Morgan DH89 GSS custom, Salty MidPlus cork grip

Grips: BestGrips Augusta Microperf leather slip on

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