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What golf balls are players using


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So I had bought some Cut Greys on a whim a little while back and used them the same day, with no practice time and wasn't too much of a fan. However, in hindsight my swing wasn't so great that day (I walked 9 right after work) so I pulled one out during the back 9 of my round the other day. I found it to perform much better than I originally saw, pretty good distance off the tee and I liked the feel on the greens. It reminded me a lot of the Q Star Tour at a lower price point and with a cover that didn't pick up stains as quickly as the QST does in my experience. 

In my  :wilson_staff_small:  carry bag:
:callaway-small: Mavrik Max 10.5* R Flex Evenflow RipTide
:cleveland-small: Hy-Wood
:cleveland-small: Launcher 5h
:wilson_staff_small: D200 6i-PW
:cleveland-small: CBX 54* & 58*
:cleveland-small: #10
:bridgestone-small: e12 Contact

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On 8/1/2021 at 2:15 PM, Garyk1285 said:

I’m currently using the vice tour golf balls and love them what balls are other golds using, prefer, or are interested in using 

My top three golf balls:

1. Snell MTB-X (this has, or HAD, been my favorite ball for 3 or 4 years) ... MTB Black is not bad, either.

2. OnCore VeroX1 -- I have loved this ball since first trying the prototype version of it last summer.

2. 2021 Maxfli TourX CG, which I think has become my new favorite ball.

I prefer the higher-compression 4-piece Urethane cover balls, which both the Snell MTB-X and Maxfli TourX are (the performance of these two balls is remarkably similar -- just look at the latest MGS Ball Test results). However, the VeroX1 has that "special something" for me, even though it is slightly lower in compression than the other two balls that I favor. I do lose a few yards in distance across the board with the VeroX1, but not a great deal, and the superior accuracy that I see with this ball (VeroX1) makes up for that very slight distance loss.

Edited by funkyjudge


Driver: Ping G425 Max, 9*, Miyazaki  Kuala Mizu Tour Issue 6S, 44.75" playing length

4-Wood: Titleist TS2, 16.5*, Miyazaki Kuala Mizu Tour Issue 7S, 42.75" playing length

5/7-Wood: Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero set to 20* loft; Tensei Blue 75-S, 41.5" playing length

Hybrids: Exotics EXS Pro (22*), Mitsubishi Tensei Silver 75S

Irons: Exotics EXS220 5-iron and New Level MODB-1 (6-iron through PW), KBS TGI Tour 80 (stiff) shafts

Wedges: New Hogan Equalizer wedges (48* and 56* + Maltby TSW Forged 52-8, all bent 1* weak

Putter: Evnroll ER2, 34”with Gravity Grip

Ball: Snell MTBx



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I like the proV1x


bridgestone xs 

they’re all long and spin well

butttt, I’ll play most anything except for call super speed, and the such, not any pinnacles either, 

most every company’s “best/better balls” are good enuff for me unless it’s an important round

:callaway-small: MavriK Sub Zero 9* on EvenFlow RipTide 6.0 50g

:cobra-small: Speedzone 3-wood on Tensi blue S

:cobra-small: F8 5/6 wood on Aldila NxT GEN MLT R

:taylormade-small: P770 / P790 combo set on Ventus R-6 shafts 5-AW

:Hogan: Combo iron set -8,9,per Icon 5,6,7 PtxPro 4-UiHi on Recoil 780 ES f4 Stiff shafts (second best clubs ever)

:benhogan-small: Equalizer 50°, 54°, 60° wedges on Recoil 780 f4

:edel-golf-1: E.A.S. #4   (“Fang” or “Adele”)

:titelist-small: ProV1x

:callaway-small: .Org 14 cart bag

Adidas Tour 360 shoes



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Used Callaway supersoft for many years and then someone gave me a sleeve of tour response.  Birdied the first two holes that day and have never used anything else.  Much better stopping power on the green - for me ( ymmv ).

Callaway Mavrik 10.5 set to 11.5

Callaway Mavrik 4/5 wood

Callaway Mavrik 4/5 hybrid

Callaway Mavrik Max 6 hybrid

Callaway Mavrik irons 7-W w/TGI 70

Cleveland CBX2 48, 52, 56

Bettinardi BB1F

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I have been using the Wilson staff balls. I have tried pro v1s I have tried just about every other premium ball on the map and yet I get as good if not better distance with the Wilson ball than anything else that I've tried

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Mizuno MP68 Irons

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It’s taken me a few years to find a ball that checks all the boxes for me. I used to play the ProV1x and moved away from it when it started to become a spinnier ball. Made the mistake of hitting the Kirklands which the latest ball test show spin WAY too much for me. 

I found the ball test for the ProV1x Left Dash and then followed that up with a virtual ball fitting through Titleist where I was fit for the Left Dash and sent samples. I hit the samples out on the course and found exactly what I was looking for. I’ve stocked up when they were buy 3, get 1 and plan on plying them at least until the next ball cycle in a couple years. 

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Tour B XS, backups are Z Star or XV, and Pro V1.

The B XS is a bit unique in that it's higher spin but softer. I score my best with it consistently. Driver speed is 100-105mph, 7 iron is 165 carry. Deliver the club pretty level, so am lower spin and the XS helps with that. Biggest benefit I find is greenside, but the ball just seems to want to go straight on full shots compared to Pro V's. 

:cobra-small: F9 Driver 9*

:cobra-small: Baffler hybrids some combo of 2H-5H

:callaway-small: APEX CF19 6-AW

:ping-small: G700 4i, Glide 2.0 54, 58*

:edel-golf-1: EAS 2.0

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I have played or tested most everyball on the market and keep going back to Titleist.  Last fall I made the switch to the AVX after playing the pro v1 or the x for the past 18 years.  I liked the flight of the ball and the spin around the greens.  I play 4 to 5 days a week.  I have lowered my index to 6.3 this year again and now playing handicap on my main course is 3.  I do not loose too many balls in a year and the buy 3 get one free last me probably 7 months--in the winter I have changed to the tour soft so it will not sting.  But from mid February through early November it is AVX.


Titleist TS 1 Driver Stiff graphite shaft

Titleist  TS2 16.5 degree 3 wood Stiff graphite shaft

Titleist  TS2 18 degree 5 Wood Stiff graphite shaft

Titliest TS2--21 degree Hybrid stiff light weight graphite shafts

Titliest T200 regular multi-material graphite shafts 2 degrees flat 5 thru gap wedge

Titliest Volkey wedges 54 and 58 stiff multi-material graphite shafts 2 degrees flat

Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Trillium Te3 32" putter




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New TP5....I was using the Vice Pro Soft for a long time and really loved them except for one thing... I didn't like the way it jumped of my putter face at times (very much like catching a flyer with an iron shot). So I started lookin again. The New TP5 feels phenomenal...and never jumps off my putter....So I'm a TP5 guy now.

Play PXG all the way through the bag and an Odessey OS Seven putter with Callaway Triple Track

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I continue to use the Pro V1x with the yellow option. I buy the 3 - get 1 free. That’s 3 dollars a ball. In a pinch they are always available. Srixon offers better deals on Z-Star. Once other urethane balls get to 30-35 a dozen nor enough reason to switch. I like the Titleist Tour Speed, but at $39.99 a dozen and not in the loyalty 4-4-3 package, I’ll stick with the X. 

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Right now I am using Srixon XV. Switched to them from Bridgestone RBX red. Tp me they perform the same and the cost is a little less or was. Used to plat Callaway chrome soft but I could never figure them out around the green. Yes more operator error than ball. 

Now with the new set of clubs I am not sure I like how the performance is of this ball. I use the last couple dozen I have and do some testing of other brands and models. 

I will look at the ball test done by MSG to narrow down a new piece of equipment I won’t mind losing in the woods, water, fescue, or the occasional living room of some random house. 

Epic GBB driver 10.5 turned down to 9.5 Hzruds 6.5 smoke shaft. 

Titleist U15 1 iron 

Sub 70 699 Pro 4-AW 

Sub 70 3 utility 19*

Callaway 56 and 58 wedge. 

OG White Hot #1 putter

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