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How many amateurs go with one golf brand in their bags?


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Actually, I doubt if there are 2 dozen PGA Tour players with all one bag.  All the head covers may be the same brand, but look under the cover. Like Phil currently using the TM mini-driver/2 wood.  Wedges are pretty often mix and match as well. W/O sponsorship in the Olympics, Rory was using a Scotty putter.  Bernard Langer is now in Tour Edge commercials, but still is banging a Ping driver (as of the AmFam tournament).

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I have cobra woods and mizuno irons and wedges with an odyssey putter. My one golf buddy has all cobra in his bag except a odyssey putter. For the most part every amateur I know has a mixed bag.

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12 hours ago, korsmot said:

Part of it is consistency with types of clubs.  It certainly makes sense for all of your iron type clubs (not woods or wedges)to match as the will be more similar in swing weight, look etc.  But woods are totally different than irons, so not nearly as critical for the to "matching".  How many guys have a scotty putter?  It is just bag appeal and a totally different shot, so it doesn't need to match.  What really matters is how far each club goes and do you have good gapping between clubs.  It doesn't do you any good to hit your 4 iron the same distance as a hybrid or a 5 wood.  So it is important to make those connection of "segments of clubs" (PW to GW) that the gaps are correct.  I have often had to find the right next wedge because they keep jacking the PW lofts and still often make the 52 degree GW as the next "standard club".  Currently have a 48 as well since the PW has gone to 44.

Lets not also forget the pros playing all one brand are getting paid lots of money to do so. 

Same discussion on playing expensive brands vs cheap.  We all have a little part of us that want to look "professional" (hence the white belts) and there is certain pride in people seeing your bag and being impressed (PXG, Homa, Scotty).  Normally hackers don't invest a lot of money into clubs.  We are all also convinced that we can buy some portion of our game.

If you were really cool, you would go "white men can't jump" method and show up in loose cargo shorts and use orlimar clubs and shoot 73.  That is legit.

Good point. 
Being self reflective, I know I’m not only a brand snob when it comes to golf, but what I play has to look pretty too. When I look into my bag I have to like what I see. I’m just that vapid… 


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Wedges: Titleist 53 degree, Callaway MD4 58 X Grind 

Putter: Odyssey 10 Tour Lined; Seemore Z2

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I don't see it often, I've always been somewhat mixed though I'm only playing two brands at the moment, and could easily go to all Titleist and be happy. 

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:titelist-small: SM7 54-10S/60-08M PX 6.5/6.0

:titelist-small: Scotty Cameron Special Select Squareback 2

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I play with a group, and we number around 8 people.  None of them, including myself, have only one brand in our bags. I have not asked the others, but as for me, I tend to 'try before I buy' and go with what seems to work for me.

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  • Putter        Seemore3.jpg.1cb64ec83d2511c1ee1a386340a04d4e.jpg    Seemore Si1 Putter
  • Other         shotscope2.png.4c66bd90c08eff900bc26d9dd7981c61.png V3


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Not only do I have multiple brands in the bag, but two of them--Spalding and Ram--aren't even in the business anymore.

My weaker lofted fairway wood was simply given to me.  A friend bought it at Sam's Club and then couldn't hit it very well.  I love it, but today, a 21º metalwood would be stamped "7,"  not "5" as mine is.  My 18º fairway wood is also considered a "5" but by today's stronger lofts.


My putter cost me the then princely sum of $75 back when good pro shop putters were twenty-five or thirty bucks.

And considering my age at the time, $75 was actually more than princely to me. 

But It was the first face balanced putter that I'd ever seen, and I liked the feel immediately.  Several challengers have failed to knock it out of my bag, but it's older [1978] than some of the posters on this forum, I'm pretty sure.




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Certainly changed a lot over the years, but my first nice set of clubs were all Cobra.  The SSI oversized irons and I think the Cobra SS 350 Driver/woods.  When I started, I would see so many box sets as well and before I knew more I just thought you progressed to a full set with whichever manufacturer.  Fast forward 15 years and I usually have at least 3 different manufacturers in at a time.  

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3 Hybrid :titelist-small: 818 H2 Hybrid Hzrdus RDX Black 6.5 (20.5*)

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Gap/Sand Wedge:  :titelist-small: Vokey SM6 49*  SM8 54* 

Lob Wedge:  image.png.3c6db1120d888f669e07d4a8f890b3f1.pngJaws 5 Wedge 58* DG Tour Issue Stiff

Putter:   :scotty-small: Phantom 5.5 34"      Pro Platinum Newport 2 35"      Taylormade Tour Black Spider 34"

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As somebody old enough to remember "matched sets,"  it amuses me to see eight brand names for fourteen clubs.

That's what I've got, and two of the brands, Spalding and Ram, aren't even in the business anymore.

The good thing about pro line clubs is that you can order them one at a time, even numbered irons.

That makes mixing and matching a lot easier. 



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My dad plays every Saturday and Sunday with 3-4 foursomes including the local pro for various games and most of them game TaylorMade and I have a suspicion it's because of the pro. Not saying the clubs are bad, but they all probably fit better into some clubs from different brands. 

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  • PXG 0211 ST 6-GW
  • Vokey 54/58° sm8 
  • Mizuno Mcraft 3



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I am fine having a mixed bag but for me I find that mixing different brands within subcategories (woods, hybrids, irons, wedges) usually does me more harm that good. Probably mostly a mental thing than actual performance but if I have continuity within those sections, I at least feel like its one less variable haha

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On 8/2/2021 at 6:31 PM, Sean Shaw said:

Aside from my putter, I play only One Iron Golf clubs: Blackstone single length irons, Dark Horse driver, and 3 wood. Putter is a Sacks Parente #39. This is the closest I've been to a single brand in my bag and I've been playing golf poorly since 1983.

However, when I switched to this current setup this season, I'm playing better than I have in the last 25 years.

I'm currently playing One Iron Golf Pro-lines irons... I'm interested in the woods... how do you like them? Specifically, how do you like them off turf?

MNML Golf Bag //

One Iron Golf Pro Line 5-SW // Wilson D7 Driver // Tommy Armour No. 3 Putter //

Lefty // 20-ish Handicap //

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