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Tattoos and golf....

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@GIRplus3Putt and I had an exchange regarding "looks" on courses because we have tattoos.  Can anyone relate?  Have a funny story?  What are your thoughts on the matter?  Anything tattoo/golf related, let us here it.    


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I think 20% of the golfers I've encountered have some kind of tattoo and nobody even bothers to comment on it as it's just so mundane. Most are women with something small inside their wrist, ankle, etc.

I've seen 2 guys with full sleeve tattoos on course: one is a senior at my club and the other is the current PGA pro that trains my daughter's group. IMO, a full sleeve tat on a well-toned arm looks pretty good. They both also know how to dress well, so it looks pretty badass!

But no, can't say I've had any negative experiences on this front.

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I have friends with tattoos that I've played with and no one's ever said a thing. Likewise with my family - my dad and all my brothers have tats, I'm the only one who doesn't. We've all been out on the course and it's never been an issue. 

I genuinely cannot believe some of the things that still get commented on out at the course... 🙄

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I don't have any but I've never heard any negative comments about ones that others have.  

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I have 4 visible tattoos and haven't had any negative comments. I'll get the occasional question on what it is or what it means though.

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My tattoo that is visible is my kids birthday in Roman numerals so when asked what it means people usually like the idea… or act like they like it. 😂

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2 hours ago, Tat2Golf said:

@GIRplus3Putt and I had an exchange regarding "looks" on courses because we have tattoos.  Can anyone relate?  Have a funny story?  What are your thoughts on the matter?  Anything tattoo/golf related, let us here it.    


I'm not one that looks at other guy's arms and legs so I don't know if I've ever seen tattoos on  golf course. I could care less if someone has one, even @MattF 😜

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Glad to hear all positives.  As a heavily tattooed golfer, my experience has been mostly positive in recent years.  A new normal I suppose.  

It has been years since I have encountered a "Judge Smails" on the course.  Maybe they have all moved their attention to music on the course 😂

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I have a full sleeve and have never had any issues/negative looks which is nice.

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Tattoos are awesome.

I know this is difficult to believe but in my line of work, we have a lot of guys who are inked; two of them are covered chest to toe. 

Those two guys are the kindest men and easily some of the best parents that you’d ever imagine.

I have no time for people who still judge others on their appearance.  Unless you’re wearing a dirty shirt with a stain…go get that cleaned! 🤣

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I had a the starter on a semi private golf course tell me I had to have mine covered to play. With a sleeve from wrist to elbow, that can be a challenge, especially in the summer. I went to my trusty muni instead. I have also had some groups not necessarily say anything, but treat me different. Like they are more serious about golf because of their virgin skin? I’m not sure. My tattoos aren’t anything crazy, the swastika on my forehead is covered by my hat, so I don’t understand. 🤣

However, the majority of people on course are fantastic. You just run into a male Karen every now and then. Generally those guys will always find something to be mad about. Usually older guys. I have noticed, even pre tattoos, older guys giving me trouble. Like golf is reserved for 60 and older. Especially weekday mornings! 

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Tattoos have become so common that I would be surprised to see any negative comments about them in a few years. Of course, in a generation or two they will be out of style and something that young people scoff at:  “Eww!  Tattoos are for old people!”

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7 hours ago, Tat2Golf said:

@GIRplus3Putt and I had an exchange regarding "looks" on courses because we have tattoos.  Can anyone relate?  Have a funny story?  What are your thoughts on the matter?  Anything tattoo/golf related, let us here it.    


I dont think that tattoos have the same stigma that they did 30 or 50 years ago.  Nowdays, theyre pretty mainstream and not edgy at all.  I personally dont have any tattoos (Im deathly afraid of needles, although I did want them when I was younger but never went through with it) but I think theyre cool and I love a tattoo that has some kind of special meaning or a story behind it.

Theres nothing worse than to notice someone has a cool tattoo and then when you ask them what its supposed to mean/symbolize, they just kind of shrug their shoulders and say, "I dunno, I just thought it looked cool."

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both of my arms are sleeved, with my right arm coming right on to the back of my hand. 

no one has ever said a word to me about them on a golf course other than “hey i like your tattoos”

what i’ve come to find is that the kinds of people that are gonna take issue with your tattoos aren’t the kinds of people who are gonna say it to your face. 

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Id be surprised of anyone cared about tats. Even tat heavy. As long as your dressed appropriately for the course your playing. Its all good. If i overheard some one giving another player a hard time for exposed ink, id probably end up giving them an ear full for being a jerk off. A guy i played with last night told me that he got paired up with a guy who gave him a hard time about having grass stains on his ball. And was harassing him to clean his ball. The guy i played with was a good golfer who plays every other day, not like his ball had clumps of dirt or anything. Its amazing what some people will say to strangers. 

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Back in the 70's, I was in the Navy.  One of the older guys (lol...older being that he was probably in his early 30s...but I was 21-22, so anyone was older!!!!) ... anyway, one of the guys had terrible scar tissue on his arms from having tats laser removed.  Bear in mind that tats were very different then than today...mostly all black ink.  But, because of him, I never had the desire to get a tattoo, despite the fact that sailors at that time tended to get tats routinely.  Today, it's a totally different attitude about tats and those getting them.  To this day, I still have no desire to have tats.  Don't care if anyone else gets them...that's their choice, but sometimes I wonder about their choices of design.  🙂  I'm not a fan of face piercings on either guys or girls, tho....I'm an old fart.

I do like to keep my ball clean, though.  Feel free to play with dirty ones, if you wish.

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I think like most things anymore public courses just can't afford to turn away anyone that doesn't look the part. So it's something that used to matter but doesn't anymore. I don't have an tattoos and it doesn't bother about anyone else's on the course

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No tattoos and no issues with people that get them, except bodybuilders.  Even though I don't have any tats, watching 7 years of Ink Master has made me quite the critic. When someone posts their new tat online I find myself over analyzing the line work, color choices, saturation and composition.😆

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