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Alignment Marks on Balls


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Multiple studies over the years. Consensus indicates benefit/value on short putts. Otherwise, it’s not ‘rocket science’ — Stop agonizing (you’re not a pro); know the basic ‘make’ statistics at various distances (say, 4’-8’-12’) for your handicap. Stop waisting time & aggravating your fellow players. Watch the path of other putts. See the line OR pick the spot. Make your stroke. Accept the results. 

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I spend the time to add the lines to my balls and don't use them - yes, it's stupid. When I'm playing by myself I have no issue with taking the time to align the putt and I putt better. When I'm playing with others I feel like I'm taking too much time. I just need to practice doing this so I can do it quickly enough that I don't feel hurried.

As for the tee box I do the Nickalas, pick a spot in front of the ball and line up to that. I DO set my ball on the tee so that the Clemson Tiger paw is on the back inside. Like someone said before, keeps me inside out!

Golf Ball with Tiger Paw.jpg

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I use this ball marker (below), which allows me to place behind the ball and then rotate the middle line based on expected break. then, I line the ball center line up on the marker center line and this gets me putting on my intended putting line.


Screen Shot 2021-09-08 at 8.35.47 PM.png

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Yes I use them. I figure that it is an extension of the line I'm putting through. I pick a spot in front of my ball and stroke it using the line or label or marker printed on the ball. 

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I'm and old guy with a knee replacement, so getting down low enough to accurately line up the line is more of a chore than I'm willing to put up with. Even when I try, I find it hard to be confident I've got it on line. Off the tee, I do like to put the number on the back of the ball as something to target at impact.

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1 hour ago, dterrie said:

Off the tee, I do like to put the number on the back of the ball as something to target at impact.

I've had both knees replaced...I understand.  But, here's a thought on your tee shot target.  Try placing the number a bit more to the inside rear quadrant as your target, encouraging a more in-out path.  It has helped me doing that.

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I mark a T on the ball over the OEM alignment aid. 


This a Nike putter I tested for MGS several years ago (my wife has adopted it).  I align the stem of the T to my intended line and align the putter face to the top of the T.  Now I only have to focus on speed.

I also use the T to align tee shots.  Our course workers like to point the tee boxes toward parts of the golf course I don't want to visit.


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Definitely prefer the clean look myself.  No alignment marks, and I try to hide the brand name, etc.

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After experimenting with and without using alignment marks (typically the manufacturer mark) both during play and practicing I’ve found that I putt significantly better using the alignment mark. I try not to make sure I’m lining up while others are putting so that I can go quickly when it’s my turn and keep the round moving, but over the course of a full round its been equating to 5 or 6 strokes when I don’t use a line.  

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I'm one of those who go crazy on alignment aids, my eyesight is not the greatest and don't wear my glasses on the course. NOW- I'm not one of those that takes 5 minutes to get the lines right either on a 25ft. either though... haha- gotta LOATHE those and then leave it 5ft. short. I line up the ball and use the line on my putter- pretty quick at it and don't hold up the pace.


Here's what mine look like: I like the 360* line- if it smudges due to an iron shot or something, keep rotating. Iron shots with the alignment pointed elsewhere doesn't bother me, the swing will get me- regardless.... haha




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Yeah, not using an alignment aid is a no go for me. My alignment would be awful if I didn't. I also try to do as much as I can while others are putting. 

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Tp5x pix

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On 9/12/2021 at 9:54 AM, Bluesman57 said:

Definitely prefer the clean look myself.  No alignment marks, and I try to hide the brand name, etc.

Same here, I never bother with the alignment marks on the ball. It’s not unheard of for me to very slightly alter my path/line standing over the ball just before I putt, usually allowing for more break. I’ve always mentally relied on a target line well ahead of the ball. But whatever works for any of us is the best choice.

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