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BOA vs traditional laced shoes


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On 8/9/2021 at 6:19 PM, rx1232 said:

And why do i keep finding myself looking for BOA shoes?

I hear you!  I've tried them on a couple of times.  I feel like I should like them, they have a nice/sharp look about them.  But when I begin to tighten the knob, it just feels funny the way they snug onto my foot.  Just going to stick with laces for now.

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I'm only buying from places with a good shoe return policy for now. Have discovered that even with brands like Adidas that I normally wear I need to size down for some reason with boss. 


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I would choose BOA over laces if they are reasonably priced or on sale. I'm so lazy, that I never undo my laces. With BOA the fit is so snug that I gotta pop the mechanism. Takes only 1 second, so win win!

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Big BOA fan. i have very narrow feet and being able to cinch them up tight equally across my foot gives me a much more stable feel than with laces.

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I prefer lace up shoes because I use Lock Laces. Not quite like a boa system but that can be set up tight and you don't have to undo them to take your shoes on or off.

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When I bought my first pair of golf shoes I tried both laces and BOA.  I know it's not likely the case, but I couldn't get over how flimsy the BOAs felt.  Again, they weren't actually, but I couldn't get the thought out of my mind, if that makes sense. 

Didn't look it up at the time, but what happens if it breaks? Feels like I could get replacement laces quicker and easier. 

Long story short, there's probably just a brief adjustment period, but I'm a lazy man and stick with what I know.

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+1 to the Lock Laces. They make any golf shoe or sneakers fit better


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Huge BOA fan. I have had the Adidas 360s with BOA for about two years now and really would prefer to not go back. The way they evenly cinch down each and every time is great. I can't stress enough just how much nicer it is to have a consistently even tightness across the foot every time I use my shoes. I also like how easy it is to take shoes on and off. Plus, they are super easy to adjust through the round if you foot swells or shrinks.

I have done some research on the BOA system and it's not exactly a universal thing. Each shoe model with the BOA system requires special testing and approval by the BOA company and every design will probably have it's pros and cons. The biggest issue is generally the placement of the BOA wheel. Footjoy generally puts it on the heal and some others put it on the side. My Adidas have it on the top of the tongue, which is okay but it took awhile to get used to it and break in the tongue since it was longer than usual. Still to this day I have to wear slightly longer socks to ensure the tongue doesn't rub on the front of my ankle but this is a very minor issue. Durability is generally very good with BOA systems. You can order replacement parts for cheap if not free for all BOA systems. So if you're concerned and want a spare repair kit in your golf bag, it's not hard to get one. Overall, the BOA system has a very strong reputation in every category they are in and golf is no exception.

If I had to choose between having a BOA system or not for the same shoe, I would probably pay just about any amount extra assuming the implementation of it feels good for that particular shoe. 

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