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Half fitting, half hacking


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Hi. High handicap still beginner here. I've been playing for about a year. Based in Singapore where it's pretty complicated to have access to "proper" courses. I've still managed to play about once or twice a week on 9 holes executive courses in the recent months. I was originally playing with an old second hand a set with a yes putter + marumam D W4 H4 5-SW (no P or GW) irons + a bag for 35 sgd total. For that price I don't regret the purchase 🙂 After that I got a fitting with titleist for my irons, which was an amazing experience, about 4 months ago after my coach told me it was time to move away from my old second hand clubs. The rest of the bag is made of random purchases. Especially the maltby clubs. I bought them from golfworks after getting fitted for the irons and the tsi1 hybrid. I've tried to pick a shaft that would be similar to the one of my fitting. I regret a bit not going with the lighter version shafts in general. I think I was too focused on keeping a similar trajectory/launch.


Currently WITB

Inesis 900 golf ball. It's supposed to be a high flight high speed ball. I probably lose some distance. But given that I don't launch very high I think I'm fine with the tradeoff. Also it's so much cheaper than other balls here. 35sgd for 12 balls vs 80sgd for a box of pro v1 or anything similar. Even Balls like a titleist tour speed cost over 60sgd the box.

Yes Robin putter. It's not super forgiving, but I'm used to it.

LW SM8 58.14 K grind, Nippon 950 GH (Regular). It was recommended during my fitting because of where I play, with a lot of cow grass. Also using it in bunkers. It's probably too expensive for what I do with the club. But it feels nice

7-SW titleist t300 irons (the old gen, not the one just released) with Mitsubishi Tensei AV Blue AM2 (Stiff) soft step twice, 2 degrees upright lie. Also got them after a fitting. It made such a huge difference with the previous irons, it killed a lot of my slice and highly reduced the dispersion. Very happy. I was told not to go with a 6i because I'm not flying the ball high enough at this point

TSi1 7 hybrid (29 set at 28) with Mitsubishi TSi Tensei AV Blue Raw 65 HYB (Stiff). I love it. It launches super well. Easy to hit. Can use it everywhere. But damn it is expensive. It was also recommended during the fitting.

Maltby KE4 Tour TC Hybrid 5 with tensei ck blue hybrid 80g stiff. I regret buying this one. I think I went with a shaft that is too heavy or not too much loft. It is not much longer than the tsi1. So I seldom use it.

Maltby KE4 TC HyWay 23 degrees with stiff MRC Kuro Kage Black HBP 60 (67g). I don't use that club very often. Most of the time It's either I have enough distance to cover and I'll go with the 5W. Or it's narrow and short and I will fallback to a hybrid. But it's nice when I'm in something fluffy. I think I would have been more comfortable with the lighter shaft when on the course in weird situation or lie. I didn't really realise what would be the weight and the difference of feeling between a tee shot and a recovery on the course.

Maltby KE4 Tour TC 5 wood 18 degrees with stiff MRC Kuro Kage Black HBP 60 (67g). I love that thing. Flying straight and high. p-avg 200m, carry not too far from 190m. Just feeling comfortable with it.

Second hand taylormade m1 2016 12 degrees, regular stock fujikuria shaft. I'm not a huge fan of this club, I feel that it is a bit wobbling. About 215m p-avg, but that's with a lot of roll, I struggle to get that thing in the air.

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