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Just curious of those of you that use Zing style putters, which copy is in your bag most often? The one I use the majority of the time is the Nickent Tour Prototype MP/03. But I recently bought a Cleveland VP Milled #2 which might finally kick the Nickent out of the bag. It feels amazing! Just curious which Zing copy (if you dont use an actual Ping Zing) is your favorite

Tour Edge Exotics Driver

Tour Edge Exotics Hybrids

Precept Tour Premium CB Irons 5-PW

Nickent Arc Wedges 50-54-58

Nickent Tour Prototype MP/03, Cleveland VP Milled #2, Cameron Select Newport 2.5, Cameron California Napa 

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I have had the Ping Zing Bronze 85020 putter in bag for 20+ years.  I have flirted with others from time to time but at the end of day the original stays in my bag.  I simply have not found a putter of any style that I like better.  That being said its been a long while since I tested putters water and there are some interesting tech advancements that I have caught my eye.   I am thinking of looking at some of the Evnroll models and honestly the 3D printed cobra model as well.  Putting has always been one of the stronger points of my game, so replacing a putter just for the sake of replacing a putter never made sense to me.  It will take a lot to get me to replace my OG Ping Zing.

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Keep swinging - JC

Driver: th.jpg.d6e2abdaeb04f007fd259c979f389de6.jpg 0811 XF (9°)

Wood(s): th.jpg.d6e2abdaeb04f007fd259c979f389de6.jpg 0341 XF (7w)

Irons:  :Hogan: PTxPro 4-PW

Wedges:   :Hogan: Equalizer II (56°, 60°)

Putter:  :ping-small: Zing Bronze

Ball:  :titelist-small: AVX


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Currently a Sunset Beach Ocracoke carbon steel finished in oil rubbed bronze.   It is far and away the club that stays in my bag the longest.   In saying that however I have LaMont at Mannkrafted working on a prototype mallet for me.  It will have a press fit short slant to give the same typish of toe hang.  I prefer the way that type of hosel looks.



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Driver - Callaway MX LS on Velocore-Powering-Ventus-Web-Alt-660x120.png.aee250669616820d00f429e0c46a332d.png Purple
Fairways - Sim2 on UST Mamiya Black
Hybrid(s) - Cobra King TEC on ust-mamiya-vector-logo-e1579150002556.png.8e70a5366e7cc078a89e7b705c55fe8f.pngRed Hybrid, Callaway Epic 7 wood UST Mamiya Black or Srixon ZXU on ust-mamiya-vector-logo-e1579150002556.png.8e70a5366e7cc078a89e7b705c55fe8f.pngRecoil 110

Irons398699977_srixonlogo.png.79fe2991c2fa6e5a25897c0fb32f0d13.pngZX5 4 & 5iron, and ZX7 6-PW  all on ust-mamiya-vector-logo-e1579150002556.png.8e70a5366e7cc078a89e7b705c55fe8f.pngRecoil 110

Wedges - cleveland-golf-vector-logo.png.425fb59c391d774c79d96b4af840add4.png Zipcore 50*, 54*, and 60*  all on ust-mamiya-vector-logo-e1579150002556.png.8e70a5366e7cc078a89e7b705c55fe8f.pngRecoil 110

Putter - image.png.daabc1cfe5e524adab74c26701e62fb5.png Ocracoke or image.png.6899374f32ce3f490d50912fc5cb89f8.png MA/66 on all on ust-mamiya-vector-logo-e1579150002556.png.8e70a5366e7cc078a89e7b705c55fe8f.pngFrequency Filtered
Ball - Srixon Z Star

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My late uncle played a Ping Zing for the longest time before switching to an Odyssey 2-Ball toward the end. 

If I remember correctly, wasn't the Zing 2 shaft aligned rather than offset?

I do remember liking it much more than the offset Anser that he had tried earlier.



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