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Buying a spare.. worth it?


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Hey all, 


Thanking everyone for helping me out with my prior issues in my previous post, went out that weekend shot my lowest score taking off 38 shots off my prior! something must be working 😀


My question for you all this time is whether or not buying a spare club is worth it or not.. Loving a club is natural when you get on with it so well so I've been contemplating buying another hybrid that I'm in love with, in fear of anything happening to the one I currently own. It's a D350 5 Hybrid that is such a sweet option off of the tee for me. 

Is this a waste of money or is this smart thinking? Interested to hear what everyone thinks and whether or not you do it yourself! I know it's somewhat common for wedges since grooves wear out as well as irons but I'm intrigued to see if it's commonplace with hybrids/woods too.  

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If it gives you peace of mind knowing you have a backup of a favorite club in case something happens then sure it’s worth it.

People that make a living off the game have backups.

For me other than some putters I don’t have any attachment to a club and if it lose it or break it I’ll find something to replace it with. Also is a good reason to try something new

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I don’t typically keep backup/duplicate of any club out of fear of it being worn out or due to breakage.   In either case I just look for something else that fits.  I hit lots of clubs as a most wanted tester and have come to realize that it would be fairly easy to replace any club in my bag with something else.    That’s my opinion, but everyone should do what they are comfortable with

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Clubs are extremely durable, so by the time something happens to that club you love, there will probably be something better on the market. For this reason, I think backups are usually a waste of money for everyday golfers. It's a different story if you are a pro and the clubs are your livelihood.  

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Good points all, i'm probably letting my irrational fear get the best of me, by the time i wear out my hybrid i probably would have worn out my knee! Also always looking for an excuse to try new stuff hahaha

cheers all who responded! 

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  • Driver: Cobra RadSpeed XB
  • Woods: Wilson FG Tour 3 Wood 
  • Hybrid: Wilson D350 Hybrid
  • Optional Utility: Titleist U510 4 Iron
  • Irons: Cleveland CG7 Tour - Black Pearl/Ping Eye 2 BeCu's (Red Dot)
  • Wedges: Cleveland Tour Action - 53* - Cleveland Byron Nelson BeCu Wedges - 56*, 60*
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I am getting fit for a new set of single length irons (Wishon). My plan was to get 2 of the iron I use most (7 iron). I was going to use one for practice so I wouldn’t wear out my playing club. My fitter wanted me to start with one club and play it several rounds to make sure the shaft was right. It turned out the shaft didn’t work quite right for me. So he put a different shaft in the second head. That one is working better. Not sure yet if we will try a 3rd shaft for fine tuning or just put a matching shaft in the first head. Obviously I am not in a hurry as this process is taking some time. My fitter is great and is working with me to get the best fit.


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I suppose that peteco is doing it the right way.  I admire his patience.  Seriously.  I'm not kidding.


As long as I get the grips that I requested,

I usually live with whatever shafts TGW  has the manufacturer send me.

Every golf bag in my basement has quite the colorful variety except for the antique steel shafted sets.

Instead, they have a variety of step patterns.

Sophisticated MGS players would not be impressed.

I, on the other hand, can be munching brisket sliders and gulping Guinness Stout in the clubhouse while they're chained to a launch monitor!



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I’m not attached to any club so much that I’d buy a backup. If I played competitively for a living I would. I swapped out my whole bag this year and I don’t really see a difference except the putter but that’s just because of how I can align it compared to my old one. if something happened to any club replacing it wouldn’t be a big deal. 

I’m pretty much the same as Bostonsal.  I’ve played with all kinds of shafts and don’t see a huge difference between them all. I’ve never been fitted though so maybe there’s a big difference I’m missing. I just usually go with a mid flight shaft and call it good. I did get a sim ti 3 wood with a 2nd gen Rogue silver stiff shaft. It was much more stiff than I was used to but dang I hit that thing well. 

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First, @kkremio Congratulations on your score!  Well done!!

My view is that while we may be attached to a particular club because it's dependable, technology is always changing and there are so many good options out there that it's easy to find a replacement.  Consider one day in the future when you are trying clubs and find a hybrid that outperforms your current D350.  You don't buy it because you have a new ol' dependable at home??  I doubt it!!

As you said... wedges are different.  Last year I bought a new "backup" 60º Callaway '19 PM Grind because it is the first 60º that I can hit well from anywhere around the green... and it was on sale!!  I believe Callaway has discontinued that model, and sadly I will have to eventually find a replacement, but that won't be for a couple more years!!

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