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Playing with an old injury? How do you deal with it?


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Is there a doctor in the house??!

I have a full (grade 3) AC joint shoulder separation that I suffered from a bicycle accident about 7 years ago.  It was never very painful, just a feeling of weakness or dead arm when it happened.  I stayed away from work for only about 3 weeks before jumping back into my usual chef duties, which could be arduous.

Years later, I relate this injury to golf and how it could possibly affect my game.  My right shoulder (I am right-handed) sits a little lower than my left and have thought about how this could affect the way I release the club through impact.  More recently, I have found myself playing at least one round every weekend, and hitting the range 2-3 times a week (large buckets, 100 balls).  I would wake up a few mornings with my right shoulder feeling weak/sluggish, with a little more friction in the joint that I could even hear.  I decided to sit out golf activities for a couple weeks.  Part of taking the break was that I was having a lot more trouble with my ball flight, missing right with too much fade and having even more difficulty with shaping a draw or exaggerated hook.

Just want to know if anybody else has had similar experiences and what you did to cope with discomfort or if you had to adjust your whole swing.  I know my knees are also not in the best shape and expect them to have some sort of issue next 😂.  Really would like to hear what kind of ailments my fellow spies work through on the daily.

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I have had everything possible happen to think.

I did have a clavicle fracture plus a cracked scapula . OTB

I had surgery on the clavicle old school platting .

know AC joint you can have that done arthroscopic.

I worked as a surgical technician for 25 years, done a lot of orthopedic surgery.

If you must find out who is a good orthopedic surgeon. Call a surgery center and ask someone, they will tell you the truth.

good luck 


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I think you have two choices. Go to an orthopedist and see if it can be fixed or just live with it. Even if surgery is not an option, the doctor can probably give you exercises to strengthen the shoulder.

If you are using steel shafts, switching to graphite will give you some relief. I have issues with my shoulders, elbows and wrists and graphite has been a huge help. Good luck!

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My right elbow will not straighten completely. I have learned to compensate during my swing and it really does not come in to play except perhaps when hitting the driver possibly. But then again after spending 20 years in the Marine Corps I have multiple issues that could be called injuries. The older you get the more they hurt.

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Hi all! Maybe it's not quite an injury, but because of my age, I started having problems with hearing, with concentration and with "focusing" on the game. At first I started to show bad results in the game. Then I decided to go to the doctor. The pills he prescribed didn't help. Now it seems to me a little better, because I try to play with the patch from https://feelzing.com/blogs/news/how-to-stay-up-whole-night  It uses a proprietary waveform to stimulate nerves of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems


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I have to deal with it every day--- It will be 2 years the 30th of this month. I had a work related accident and ended up breaking both sides of the L-2 and collapsing the Disc plus broke my left shoulder and having a concussion. As my Neurosurgeon said my accident was bad enough for someone 22 much less me being 62 at the time. I have permanent nerve damage in my back. I have good days and bad days. Had to shorten my swing and narrow my stance to be able to play. I have found in temps below like 55* I am stiff and have put off playing in those temps. I thought I had worked myself back into decent shape until the other week. We had CPO in the shootout 2 weeks ago.I thought I would be ok but I was not. That was 2 weeks ago and I am still recovering. I did get out to practice briefly Monday but hurt so I have stayed home the last 2 days. I will get out today and try to chip and putt some then see how things work out. I also have memory loss too at times. But in reality I take it day by day. Like one of my fellow members wife said ---- I am lucky to be able to attempt to play golf after what happened to me. I have slowly learned to accept how things are now for me

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I’ve been playing with tennis elbow (left arm) and a sore knee (right) for almost a year. I wear a brace for the elbow which helps, and because of the knee I can’t play golf consecutive days - probably because I’m determined to walk vs ride at least once or twice a week. So I usually play golf Mon, Wed and Fri. If I play a tournament I have no choice but to ride. Fortunately the “pain” is about a 1 on a 10 scale, more of a chronic ache than anything. Being old sucks…

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I've got multiple injuries now plaguing my game.  I had my right hip replaced a few years back.  This is after walking on it crooked for over 45+ years & not to mention, "playing" crooked as well.  It was my right hip, which was lower than my left.  So you can see how that would affect the golf swing, especially at address, by lowering the right side much more than the left.  I've had to revamp my swing on my own since having it replaced, and it's not quite gone as I would have liked, to say the least.  I have played the worst golf of my life ever since.  To the point of almost quitting after having played for 45+ years.  

Now, on top of that, I have a tear in my left shoulder that needs to be repaired with surgery.  I don't have the time to be off of work.  I would be in a sling for over 6 weeks & wouldn't have any use of my left arm while it heals.  It's just not in the cards for me to do at this time.  I can't lift anything heavy without pain & risking damaging it further.  I can't even lift my arm over shoulder height.  But my dumbass still plays golf!  The motion of the swing has no affect on it.  It's weird.  I guess because the swing is more "around" instead of up?  Hell if I know.  

Done with my rant of why I can't play this dumb game anymore.  Gotta put the blame on something, right.  

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On 3/15/2022 at 7:44 AM, GySgtFTL said:

My right elbow will not straighten completely. I have learned to compensate during my swing and it really does not come in to play except perhaps when hitting the driver possibly. But then again after spending 20 years in the Marine Corps I have multiple issues that could be called injuries. The older you get the more they hurt.

Here is a list of marine corps injuries 

I have had my hip replacement with metal on metal which took 3 more replacements to sort of fix.

fracture my tibia and fibula, heal spur’s bilateral.

neck fusion that gave me RSD both hands.

A huge concussion .

I did all that in 5 years 

now I’m punch drunk from my boxing career, after the corps. I basically have Ctes pre dementia.

So no exercising for me !!!

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Wanting to play, but have a groin area hernia and afraid of making it worse. My thinking is that if I play, cause I'm going nuts not playing, is that if I just hit punch shots instead of a full out follow thru, that should decrease the amount of strain on the area. Anybody care to offer pros/con on the subject...........  

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Old age is a ******, all the things I damaged or broke over the last 60+years are now coming back to haunt me.

I have Postherpetic Neuralgia which means I have damaged nerves in my left shoulder and in my chest. When it starts to flares up my only solution when on the course is Panadol Forte and hope it eases it, if not I have to stop.

My recommendation is seek good medical advise and then use whatever you need to to manage the pain so that you can get out and play. I play golf for the exercise and to have fun. If I happen to play well or shock horror win then woo hoo.

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