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Swing weight help

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Forgive the poor decisions I have made (and ignorance of never swing weighting my stuff before)

I have never swing weighted my irons before, so coming from Modus 120 s flex, +.5 length Mizuno's (wedges too), when I moved to Steelfiber i95 s flex, also +.5 length, t100 and vokey's, they "felt" lighter, so I always figured my swing weight for my clubs were "ok". Grips are Lamkin hybrid +2 midsize. 

Then, for some obviously irrational reason (I won't go into the details), I wanted some ping glide forged pro's (same shaft steelfiber same grip lamkin hybrid midsize), they swing weighted at c8/c9, which numerically I find reasonable, except then did I realized all my irons are E1/E2! (All my irons built and shipped by Titleist, ping irons built at local shop). 

So I think the reasonable action from here is sell my ping irons, and continue with my current set (which I'm playing my best golf yet). But I needed some help and clarification as to what happened:

1. How did my Titleist irons end up e1/e2? I'm not sure/lack of knowledge as to the process behind what can create e1/e2 with the specs i mentioned above. 

2. Are ping heads just that much lighter? Or titliest that much heavier? 

3. Now that I understand the importance of swing weight progression throughout my bag, how do I proceed forward when I inevitably look to switch out my irons again? E.g. I ask the club head weight of each club? Or do I specify the swing weight? But if I do specify it how is the swing weighting done, some sort of drilling/lead added into the heads? I have a irrational fear stemming from lack of understanding. 

Hopefully my question/help was clear, or if not I can clear things up. Any input and feedback is much appreciated! Thanks!

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Swing weight is based on balance point of a club and the weight of all components.   Swing weight is really about feel;  some people like lighter and some like heavier.  Very generally speaking,  clubs fall somewhere in the D range but some people like heavier and some like lighter.    Changes to clubs will alter the swing weights and that includes shafts, shaft weights, grips, lie angle adjustments, and club heads.  

1.  Thoughts on question 1.   .5 on the Titleist may not be the same length as +.5 on the Mizuno.  Adding the length increases swingweight.  Different shafts changed the swingweight based on how those shafts balance out.   I am assuming same grips on both clubs since you only mention one set.  

2.  It isn't just the head, and you would have to take them apart to see if there are any tip weights in the clubs as well.   

3.  Swingweight sort of becomes the product of a properly fitted iron and what feels good to you.  You can specify swingweight and the builder will typically add weight to the tip of the shaft or drill out weight from the hosel to achieve the desired weighting.     If you want to learn about club building do some google searches on swingweight.

the majority of golfers probably couldn't tell you the swing weight of their clubs and really don't care what it is.  

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8 hours ago, JosephM said:

3. Now that I understand the importance of swing weight progression throughout my bag, how do I proceed forward when I inevitably look to switch out my irons again? E.g. I ask the club head weight of each club? Or do I specify the swing weight?

Find a fitter that carries multiple brands of clubs and shafts along with shaft lengths and grips. Let them use your swing and data to determine what you need.

This may require going to a place like Cool Clubs, TruSpec, Club Champion or similar type business. Most local fitters only have the standard OEM fitting cart and don’t have the capability to carry various grips ir swap them out quickly for each golfer. 

Wherever you go let them know your budget. 

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