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TESTED: Mud Ball (VS) Scuffed (VS) New

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Duration: 00:36:15

We tested how mud and scuffs affect the flight of your ball with some eyebrow-raising results. Also, how satisfied with you on your irons, and what club would you never take out the bag?

Ball Lab - Mud/Scuffs: https://mygolfspy.com/mygolfspy-lab-how-does-cover-damage-affect-golf-ball-flight/
Iron Satisfaction Survey: https://mygolfspy.com/2021-iron-satisfaction-survey-results/
The Science of Mud Balls: https://ping.com/en-us/blogs/proving-grounds/mud-balls

0:00 Intro
1:19 Mud Ball (VS) Scuffed (VS) New
8:10 Warming Up with Range Balls?
9:47 Take Your Balls Our Sooner?
13:48 Working with Mud/Damage
17:23 Iron Satisfaction Survey
28:04 MAILBAG! - Club You'll Always Keep?


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Listen Here

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Full WITB with pictures

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Well, besides the "blow torch" damaged ball, I'm having a hard time with the "eyebrow raising" differences in ball flight performance.  I've used plenty of balls with minor disruptions to the aero-surface and don't notice any issues.  Now, I'm not talking deep cuts or chunks missing, but slight path rash and small imperfections don't make shots look wonky at all. 

As for mud, our groups allow lift, clean, and place if the course conditions are such that we're seeing that - which we often do on courses in Yuma from irrigation. I have hit shots in tournament events with mud and sometimes it causes a little oddity in ball flight, but nothing drastic.  Of course, to a 12 handicapper, oddity in ball flight means something different I suppose 🙂.

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I thought the mud ball testing was very interesting. In friendly play we allow each other to clean off mud, but I’ve kept scuffed balls in play probably too long. As I tend to fade, I should make sure the scuff is facing me… 🙂

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I found the testing results for minor scuffs really interesting.  I never would have guessed that. I always ignored minor scuffs on my ball. 

I am definitely changing my usage patterns to test this out  

While I am still a mid handicapper, this will make me think twice about using a scuffed ball on the tee box when trying to land it on a tight fairway.

Would be interesting to see if shot trackers will notice a difference in their stats from replacing their balls more often with a new ball. 

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