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Vegas, Mesquite, Utah


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My wife and I are going to Vegas for 8 days in November and looking for golf suggestions.
First St. George Utah area. We have played Sand Hollow and wouldn't mind playing it again. Any other courses a nice or nicer scenery wise? Hard to imagine. I know of the Ledges, Copper something, any other lesser known rec's? Wouldn't mind up to an hour drive from St. George.
Now Vegas. Courses are insanely priced for tourists. We've played Coyote Springs, Badlands now closed, the Pauite courses, Boulder Creek, Sunrise, Boulder Creek city course off the top of my head. Looking for some off the beaten path courses that won't cost an arm and a leg. Don't have to be top notch courses. We'll likely play one upscale course, too. Any suggestions?
And finally, Mesquite. We have played Conestoga, Wolf Creek and one of the Palmer courses there, I think Oasis. Would like to play Conestoga again depending on cost. Any suggestions?Something must be going on in Mesquite Nov 5-6 as we couldn't find a room available.
Let me know your thoughts

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Sky Mountain is not a long course, but challenging, fun, scenic, and reasonably priced.  I played it quite a few years ago, and I would play it again.  

Hope you have a great time; great courses there!

We don’t stop playing the game because we get old; we get old because we stop playing the game.”

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