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which shaft for wedges.


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Im switching from regular flex steel shafts to taylormade sim2 max irons in a flex, so far liking the results. My question is should i also change the shafts in my wedges 52,56,60 to a lighter shaft in r flex or go and use an a flex in them.

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I think the answer to your questions is…maybe.  Lots of things to look at such as how you use your wedges and are you able to accomplish the shots you need.  If you use them for full swing shots then maybe it makes sense to more closely match the shafts.  If you are only using for partial shots you may not need to.   There are no set rules on how you configure your setup; you have to try and see what works. 

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19 hours ago, Mrf@0000843 said:

Im switching from regular flex steel shafts to taylormade sim2 max irons in a flex, so far liking the results. My question is should i also change the shafts in my wedges 52,56,60 to a lighter shaft in r flex or go and use an a flex in them.

Do you have the Sim2 Max AW?  If not, then you probably have increased the gap from the 43.5º PW to your 52.  That's a large gap, especially with graphite in irons and steel in wedges.  Replacing the shafts in the wedges may not be enough to cover that gap.  Different wedges; 50, 54, 58 may be a better fit.  As @cnosil said, it may not be an issue unless you use full shots with the wedges.  Many people like using heavier wedges for control around the greens.


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I've been pondering what shafts to put into wedges as well (probably overthinking it). My current line of thinking is, if its primarily a full shot wedge, then same shaft and flex as the other irons. If it is a partial wedge, want it to play a little softer but slightly heavier. Just my current thinking for myself. 

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I play my wedges a touch heavier and stiffer (in theory based on S# ratings for DG shafts) in that i have S400 in my 50, 55 and 60 and had s300 in the 4-PW. I also play my 50,55 and 60 all the same length with jumbo grips, with standard 1/2 inch gaps from 4i-PW with mid size grips. i rarely ever do full swings with my 50-60 though, but so far i've liked the results.  

I recently switched to Modus 120X in 4i-PW, but kept the S400 in my wedges as i like the way they play for me. 

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I play Senior flex graphite shafts in my irons that work great, but when I replaced my regular steel shaft sand wedge with a senior graphite shaft it was a disaster. I lost control and distance, This may be the way I load partial shots verses full swings.

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If you want a graphite wedge shaft as a steel replacement, try to find an Aldila Lobster 120.

They haven't been made in a while, but you can find anything if you look hard enough.

This aftermarket shaft was specifically produced to replace steel shafts in wedges.



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Depends on what you want from your shafts, but you can try KBS Hi Rev 2 for a smooth feeling and high spinning or DG wedge for high spinning but these are stiffer than KBS. Best way to find out is to go to a custom fitting centre. 

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Michael Breed says that your wedge shaft should not be heavier than your irons shafts.  That said my iron shafts are graphite 64 grm and my wedge shafts are steel 124 grm, double the weight.  It took awhile to get used to them but I would not change them.

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Before you go through a reshaft of your wedges, if you have a PGA Store, Dick's or Golf Galaxy in your area try and demo wedge with "A" Shaft, check the feel.  I bought a sand wedge with KBS shaft, cause I wanted to switch to KBS from Titleist Wedge Flex. I regretted it! Went to a Titleist fitting for wedges and back to using Wedge Flex Dynamic Gold.  The performance of KBS shaft is not for me. 

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