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upgraded driver from Cobra fly-z to extreme - wow!


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My gamer driver has been a Cobra Fly-z for a couple of years, tried couple others but nothing was as forgiving and easy to hit the fairway with.... Decided to try a Cobra Extreme 9* set at +1.  Three rounds with it and never hit as many fairways.   Should have named it 'fairway finder'.   I play the same course all the time and know my yardages.... probably 10  yards longer than my Fly-z.   I have a TENSEI™ AV Blue 55 with SFW regular shaft that more center strikes than any shaft i have played over the years.   I also had this shat in my fly-z and was getting the same center strikes in that head.   I'm a senior golfer with a 88 - 92 mph ss.   I can hit a draw with it but the ball really wants to go straight.  If you are looking for a really forgiving driver, give the Extreme a shot, can be had for great prices now.     I will be selling a TENSEI™ AV Blue 55 with SFW stiff shaft that I gave a try but the regular suits my SS.   Will post next couple of days if anyone is interested.  

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