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(Answered) AMA - Michael Napoleon - President of SuperSpeed Golf



Mike gave us one of our more professional videos for the forum and was able to answer just about everyone's questions. Please enjoy!


For our next AMA, we are joined from the Midwest by the President of SuperSpeed Golf, Michael Napoleon. You may recognize him from our forum as we've done multiple SuperSpeed tests over the years. A few of his accolades are below:

  • Owned and operated a golf performance academy called Catalyst Golf Performance prior to SuperSpeed
  • After two years of R&D, SuperSpeed launched the industry standard of golf speed training in the SuperSpeed Golf Training System
  • Over 700 Tour Professionals have used SuperSpeed to improve their speed and distance off the tee
  • The training isn't solely about the products, but also about the training methodology including the method of "Overspeed Training"
  • There are tons of reviews from professionals on SuperSpeed, including Rick Shiels gaining 4 mph in ball speed and 15 yards on well struck driver swings
Striving to continually innovate modern coaching methodology, Michael believes deeply that truly expert coaches produce lasting positive change with very little input. Michael and his team at SuperSpeed are making a distinct impact on the games of golfers all over the world. Michael speaks regularly at seminars, coaching summits, teaching symposiums, and many other events with the primary goal of educating fellow professionals about not only speed training, but also business strategy, golf biomechanics, and coaching science.
Please give him a warm welcome and a plethora of questions!



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Driver: Sim 8* turned down to 6* X-Stiff, Aldila Rogue Silver 110

3 Wood: Sim 14* X-Stiff, Aldila Rogue Silver

2 Hybrid: Cobra Forged Tec set to 17* X-Stiff, Catalyst 6.0

4-6 Irons: 2021 P790 X-Stiff, KBS Tour FLT

7-PW Irons: 2021 P770 X-Stiff, KBS C-Taper 1* flat

Wedges: Mod 1 50* with Universal Down sole, Mod 1 56* with Narrow UP sole

My Putter: Hates Me (Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft 4 Putter)

5.6 Handicapped Right Hander from Salt Lake City, Utah

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16 questions for this AMA

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More studies have come out showing that non dominant side swings cause more fatigue when doing speed training. Do you now find this to be the cause or would you still recommend the two side swing program?

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Thank you for taking your time and doing this Q & A.  MGS has developed a great platform in the AMA series. 

I have always viewed programs like this more for lower handicap players as higher handicap players are still working on consistency on a swing by swing basis.  Is this accurate or is there a huge benefit for speed training with higher handicap players too?   What would you suggest as far as skill level before speed training? 

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Thank you for taking the time to participate in AMA on MGS!

I’m curious:  some competitors to SuperSpeed have emerged in the overspeed training space lately, most notably the Stack System and Rypstick among others.  How will SuperSpeed refine and/or improve their product to maintain their “industry-leading” status?

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Putter: :odyssey-small: White Hot OG Double Wide, Stroke Lab shaft

Ball: :titelist-small: Pro V1X

Click here for my HONMA TR20 Official Review!

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I proposed this in my SuperSpeed review last year and know it is unlikely, but given the success of the program will there one be a sort of custom option for the sticks? By this I mean grip options, graphic design on the shafts and so on? Of course this is more a luxury take, but think it would be cool this as a potential option in the future!

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 ⛳🛄 as of April 15, 2022

SuperSpeed 2020 from 100-112 and climbing!

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Irons:     :ping-small: i210 5-U w/ Nippon Modus 105 stiff (2018 Tester)

Wedge:  :ping-small: Glide 2.0 54* 58* w/ Nippon Modus 105 Stiff

Putter:   :odyssey-small: Stroke Lab 7 35* and oversized grip (2019 Tester)

Balls:      :srixon-small: Z Star

Other:     :Arccos: 

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Hello Michael.  Thank you for participating in MGS's Ask Me Anything. First let me say congratulations on developing and bringing to market what has become a bit of a training aid sensation.  The threads and official reviews on our forum about the SuperSpeed product always get my attention/interest. So here's the deal/question. 

I'm 60 years old and have dealt with left shoulder issues for quite some time - opting not to do surgery and manage by stretch/resistance exercises and non-steroidal medicine when needed. I'd love to add some swing speed/distance but quite frankly worried that the training protocol will re-aggravate my shoulder which has been (knock on wood) manageable. Is there a training approach with the system that you might recommend for those of us concerned about wreaking havoc on less that prime condition joints?

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:ping-small: G400 SFT, 19 Degree 5w

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:ping-small: Glide 2.0 56 Degree SW   (removed from double secret probation 😍)

:EVNROLL: ER5v Putter  (Evnroll ER5v Official Review)



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Thanks for participating in the MGS AMA! I am a superspeed user myself and have on level 5 of the program. I am a huge believer in it and having started at 103 mph and at one point was averaging 112mph easily. One thing I have noticed is that if I miss one week of the protocols my speed drops pretty drastically and it takes a few weeks to get back to where it was.

Are there any plans for maintenance protocols as well as shortening the protocols at level 5 and 6 to 3 swings a side?

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60°: :vokey-small:SM8, Finish: The Best Finish (Slate Blue) Grind: M, Bounce: 8°, Shaft: Dynamic Gold S400

Putter:  :EVNROLL: ER5 

Ball: :titelist-small: Pro V1

Official Member Review: Nippon Zelos 7

Follow My Super Speed Training Progress Below 103mph-112mph and Gaining


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16 minutes ago, revkev said:

Thank you for participating in ask my anything, Michael as well as for bringing over speed training to the forefront of the game.


I was in the original MGS test group and I must say that I saw speed gains and do  long as I do at least one workout a week I have been able to maintain them. 

Having written that I’m also an aging golfer. Protocols that call for 90 or more full swings, dominant and non-dominant combined seem to be out of reach for me and I’m in reasonable shape for my age. 

Any thoughts on offering an adjustable age related set of protocols that allow a person to still see gains while protecting them from nagging injuries or age related aches and pains?


Thanks and best wishes for your ongoing success. 

I'll echo Rev's comments = although he's a youngster compared to me. I'm in my 70's and was a part of the Official test in 2020. With my short attention span I tend to be on and off with programs like this. 

1: Is there a 'short program' that can/should be utilized to maintain swing speed?

2. A question I posed back in 2020 during the official test: my driver (410 with a 55g shaft/Mcc+4 grip) weights quite a bit more than the heaviest 'blue stick'. Should I be focused on improving swing speed with that stick alone?



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Left Hand orientation

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:ping-small:  410  Hybrids 22*, 26*

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:ping-small: Glide 3.0  60* Wedge

:odyssey-small: O Works putter

:CaddyTek: - 4 Wheel 
:footjoy-small: - too many shoes to list and so many to buy

:1590477705_SunMountain: And  BAG Boy

Golf Balls: Snell MTB-X 

2020 Official Tester :SuperSpeed: Beginning Driver Speed  - 78

2019 Official Tester :ping-small:  410 Driver

2018 Official Tester :wilson-small: C300

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Hey Michael! Thanks for participating in our AMA!

What do you see as the top-end for swing speed? Can SS reach a max speed for a tuned athlete? Will the program lose it's efficacy beyond helping maintain that speed? 

I know we have a few members who consistently swing 120mph+ so what can SS do for those golfers?


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In my :ping-small: Hoofer:

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:ping-small:  Zing 2 LW - 60*

:ping-small:  Anser 2

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I will echo the thanks on participating. I am wondering if Super Speed is considering supplemental workout information or data that might help someone doing the protocols continue to develop. Similar to what is now being offered by Rypstick.

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:cleveland-small:  SOFT 11S Super Stroke Mid-Slim 2.0 | :ping-small: Hoofer Bag | :titelist-small: - Pro V1x | Right Handed

Tracked by :ShotScope: V3

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Thank you Michael for joining in with AMA! 

I am a SuperSpeed system owner/user like many of the readers here. Here's one thing I noticed. With the 49 week length of the full program, it was very difficult for me, as a recreational/league competition level golfer, and regular job holder, to work the training consistently into my daily or weekly routines as far as adding the protocol training on top of regular practice and other fitness. Especially once I realized that the overspeed training tended to, at least briefly, affect my swing quality on normal swings, I was also reluctant to keep training during my league season. That resulted in a loss of the SS gains by the end of the season.

So my question; is SuperSpeed able to offer a shorter, 'maintenance protocol', that would allow a pause in the progression of the program without having to start over or potentially lose the previous gains?

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Irons:  :titelist-small: T300 4-5, T200 6-PW Nippon 880 Pro R

Wedges:  :cleveland-small:  CBX2 50*, 54*, 58*, TT Dynamic Gold Wedge Flex

Putter: :EVNROLL: ER2 Murdered Out

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Thanks for participating! 

Is SS developing protocols for misses? For instance if you slice the ball do x,y,&z with the SS protocols. Would be interesting to test/retest path along with swing speed. 

Thanks, Brandon 

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Brandon Johnson, MBA
Capt (Sep.) US Air Force 

e: brandon.johnson.mn@gmail.com


  • D - Taylormade M1 w/ tensie pro orange 
  • 3w- Taylormade M5 w/ tensie pro orange 
  • 2i - Srixon 
  • 4- 5 Srixon 785 
  • 6- 9 Srixon z blades 
  • PW, GW, SW, LW Cleveland rtx 
  • true temper shafts in all of my irons 
  • putter - odyssey #9
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I was wondering how you generally see club head speed match up to sticks speed.  Some of the things I’ve read are no where close to my experiences (I’ve read people swinging green stick 20% faster for instance):

Personally, I can swing the green stick roughly 10% faster then my driver cruising speed.

Blue stick 5-6 mph faster 

Red stick a couple miles an hour slower.

My cruising club head speed is about 113-114.

Curious what is the average stick speed vs club speed?


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That was an impressive video!  Thanks Michael

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Taylor Made Stealth 10.5  Aldila Ascent Red R flex

Ping G410 5, 7, 9 wood  Alta 65 R flex

Wilson D7 forged 5-GW -  Mamiya recoil 460 R flex

Edison Wedges 54 and 59 KBS Tour Graphite 80's

EVNRoll ER 5

Titleist Pro VIx optic yellow with revkev stamped on them

Still on that elusive hunt for a 3 wood that I'm able to hit - I don't know why, I crush the 5 wood and it's really a 4 wood anyway. 

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