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Re-dedicating my life to the art of putting

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A bit of a dramatic title but I have been on quite the rollercoaster with putting the last few months. To summarize, went from conventional putting to heads up putting, then tried to incorporate a straight back and straight through stroke, then tried to switch to the saw grip, then tried an armlock putter (in store) and finally returned to conventional putting the last few rounds. I have always disliked putting because I felt I was a poor putter and that scoring was too heavily influenced by putting. Well, whether any of that is true or not is irrelevant. Putting IS important and you can't really ball strike your way around poor putting unless you are ELITE (which I am not). So, after getting some good advice from @cnosilin the heads up thread, I had to step back and see if I was a bad putter or if I just had too high of expectations. 

I used this strokes gained putting calculator for my last two rounds (9 hole and 18 hole, respectively) and found out I was gaining strokes putting. 


Now, I will admit that the 18 hole round was clearly a good putting day, for the most part. In the past I would have dwelled on the missed 3ft putt and the 3 putt from 40 ft instead of the makes from 12 and 9 feet. 

So what is the point? I guess I would encourage others to take a look at their putting and see if it is as bad (or good) as you think it is. To get better, I think having consistently solid putting performances is the fastest way to lower scores. So it is my goal to keep getting better at putting or at least have it at the forefront of my practice. Maverick McNealy noted that his rise from obscurity in the WAGR was down to forcing himself to become a better putter by practicing putting FIRST anytime he went to the golf course. 

To accomplish that goal I have the following tasks/habits I am working on:
_Commit to practicing 3x times a week with my blast golf motion sensor and a metal yard stick to work on the hitting my starting line (minimum of 75 putts per session)
_Establish a preshot routine that involves walking off the putt (quickly, we don't have all day here), reading the putt and then "feeling my line". A key here is that I try to spend a lot more time looking at the hole than my ball or my stroke. The more time I can spend softly looking at my target and the intended line, the better chance I have of executing a good putt.
_Giving full attention to my putts (I have been guilty in the past of just walking up to putts and glancing at the line and hitting them, I would never do that over a 150 yd shot from fwy)
_Literally remind myself I am an above average putter (using the above data points) and that it can and should be a strength of my game
_Continue to track strokes gained on putting each round with the understanding that there will be ups and downs. 

I hope to update this with evidence of me sticking to this plan. I would encourage anyone else who struggles with putting or who has ideas for their own putting progress to participate. 



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Have had two practice sessions over the last two days and wanted to show off a nice feature of the Blast Motion Sensor, the graphs over the entire practice session. Still working on consistency but at least I have a two way miss with the putter now, haha. The first graphs show the face angle at impact (above the line represents open face and below the line is closed face):



And tempo (ideal tempo is 2:1):




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Is your ideal tempo 2.1? There is no single "ideal" tempo for all golfers. 

:cobra-small: F9 Driver 9*

:cobra-small: Baffler 2H/4H and sometimes 5H

:ping-small: G700 4i, G410 6-UW, Glide 2.0 54, 60*

:edel-golf-1: EAS 2.0

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I would say I pay less attention to that then face angle. The 2:1 ratio is what Blast recommends and I usually stay around that EXCEPT when my through stroke starts getting longer. In a way, the ratio helps me keep my backstroke and through stroke even in that way. Face angle, for me, is the end all be all. 

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Well had a great round (back 9 really) yesterday. I played a new course with nice greens but some wild pin placements so I think putting well was a premium. I had recently switched back to my Seemore FGP and my speed was good all day but reads were bad on the front. I sorted it out by the last few holes and finished on a heater (shot 32 on the back):


All pars and birdies on the back. The putt on 18 probably broke about 3 feet. I'm buzzing. Putting is everything. 

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Another pretty good day putting. Didn't really make anything on the front until 9 and then went on a run on the back. The 7 footer I made on 16 I had to put like 4 balls outside of the hole. Just a really rewarding day putting and I ended up shooting 74 which I would chalk up mostly to no 3 putts and making several par saves from over 5 feet.


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