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The Importance of Ball Fitting

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Duration: 00:41:22

In today's episode the MGS team talks ball fitting, Trackman ups their ball game, and what would we do with a million dollars?

Titleist ProV1 RCT: https://mygolfspy.com/titleist-pro-v1-rct-golf-ball-for-trackman/

0:00 Intro
4:56 The Ball Fitting Process
9:11 Same Fit, Different Reasons
16:02 You may be surprised what you fit into
22:10 Takeaways for the consumer
26:45 The Trackman Ball
35:21 MAILBAG - If I had a Million Dollars


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Listen Here

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Full WITB with pictures

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Interesting information on golf balls and golf ball fitting.    After seeing some of the Instagram posts and watching this NPG episode I want to know more and I am disappointed that I had work commitments and had to pass on the opportunity to take part in the fitting.  I have done the virtual fitting with Titleist and it made a solid recommendation, but comparing balls and clubs side by side is really the best way to evaluate.   

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This week I was paired with a guy in our Men’s Group that just retired and after our round he asked me for some advice.

He was observing me hit shots as we played and he wanted to know how I was able to get the ball to hit the green and stop on my short chips and pitches.

After our round we went to the chipping practice area.  We had a discussion about what clubs to use around the green and why.  I showed him several different ways to chip. Then we talked about the importance of the golf ball. I asked him what golf ball he was playing.  He said that he played whatever he found or whatever was inexpensive because he loses a lot of balls.  This led to a conversation about using the same brand and model ball all the time so that you get familiar with how it reacts from tee to green and in a variety of different situations.  We discussed, I demonstrated and had him chip with different balls to experience how a premium urethane ball reacted vs. an inexpensive two piece ball.  He saw the difference in how the ball checked up and rolled out less.

I shared with him that I practice putting and chipping with the same ball instead of using range balls.

Our conversation and impromptu lesson really opened his eyes to the fact that not all golf balls are the same.

We talked about how to test a ball starting on the green and working back to the tee.

It is my opinion that the majority of golfers don’t know how to evaluate a ball to fit themself and are unaware of the different attributes to look for and compare other than cost and feel to narrow it down.

The members of this forum and the audience of the My Golf Spy blog are probably way above average in dedication, interest and proficiency.  Yet even this audience is still learning the importance of the golf ball because of the lack of technical information that is available from each manufacturer and the lack of opportunity for brand agnostic ball fittings in general.

Thanks for the efforts with the Ball Lab and the Ball tests.  It is a definite help and a step in the right direction.

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