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What food/beverages do you consume during a round?


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I was assessing my last round and realized I have an issue keeping focused for all 18 holes.   Usually I will only have water during my round and not consume any food.  Yesterday my group started later than normal so about halfway through my round I noticed I was getting hungry.  I known when I am volunteering at my local LPGA event the players are always consuming some type of food or energy drink (most of the players seem to put some kind of powder in their waters) throughout the round.  Wondering f my focus is related to a lack of energy obtained from food.  

what do you consume during your rounds of golf? Feel free to separate casual friendly rounds from more serious rounds if you treat them differently.   

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I drink a gallon of water everyday so hydration on the course is in addition to that. I try to drink at least 16oz of water every 2-3 holes. If it’s summer time I’ll grab a Gatorade at the turn for some electrolytes.

On course food includes pbj sandwhich, nuts, granola bar, protein bar. I’ll usually grab a sand which or wrap at the turn as well. 

Food consumption is usually every 4-5 holes

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I pretty much stick to water during the round, if I'm in a charity scramble there might be some adult beverages consumed. But aside from that, it's water for me.

I'll usually bring a granola bar or two along with some unsalted almonds to snack on. 

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Energy bars or PBJ + lots of water. Definitely no alcohol for me - I'll save that for after the round.  

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Fruits are good for getting sugar in without the crash afterwards. This will spike energy the good way. Apples are my go to for that

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I usually eat before I head to the course; usually breakfast, so I don't get hungry during the round.  If I play and it's been awhile since I ate, I'll grab a PB&J Uncrustable, banana, string cheese, nuts; maybe jerky.  During the summer, I drink 16oz of water every 3-4 holes; this time of year... each nine holes.  I'm not very thirsty now so I forget; need to make myself drink more.  If I'm playing particularly poorly, sometimes I find a Bloody Mary in the cart after we stop at the turn.  Maybe that's why the back nine is usually better than the front nine.  🤔  Couldn't be that the back nine is shorter, flatter, easier... could it?

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Having diabetes, I do have to keep an eye on my blood sugar.  I typically keep something with carbohydrates with me.  I also bring water.  Just recently I have started bringing sugar free Red Bull with me for the back nine as I tend to start getting tired by the back nine.

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Mio electrolyte water and a protein bar.

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I switched from Gatorade to Body Armour this year and really like it.I like that it contains coconut water which is very refreshing.

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Same as most.  If its warm weather then I'll drink at least 3-16 oz bottles of water, and a gatorade during the 18 holes.  I also mostly stick with a few bags of fruit/nut trailmix, and while certainly not the best thing for you, a jack links jerky. Eating is important.  I find my mind wandering,and my concentration lacking when I forget my snacks.

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I've been keeping a container of Nuun tablets in my bag.  They're small, last forever, and aren't overly sweet. When I walk (most of the time) I just drop one of the tablets in my water bottle on front and back or on super hot days I do two tablets per 9.  I sweat an abnormal amount so I need to replenish electrolytes often.  Nuun Sport Drink

For food I usually have a 5 pack of Kind Breakfast granola bars in my bag.  

Both keep it very simple and light weight.

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I usually just drink water or Powerade, but will do a beer every now and again. For food if it’s just a snack I like a snickers. If it’s through lunch for some reason I love chicken fingers at golf courses, not sure why. Typically a lunch break domes not seem to help my game though. 

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Early tee time, cup of coffee and i usually have a bottle or two of Electrolyte during (SiS Go). If it is an afternoon time same electrolyte drink and maybe a beer on each 9, maybe not. 

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... I bring two aluminum bottles my own reverse osmosis water with minerals added. Organic apple, usually Fuji almost every round and give the core to the rabbits. My go to is an organic Pro Bar but I have had other organic nuts and grain combo's like Tosi. 


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In the morning rounds, or cold, I have coffee with almond or oat milk. I usually stick to water, carry about 64 oz.

Food is Clif bars, beef jerky, nuts.

Of course there's beer days...

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In my preferred AM rounds, it'll be an XL hot coffee and some sort of breakfast sandwich and then a cheeseburger with some waters at the turn.  

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To eat I take a pimento cheese sandwich, or PB&J. Sometimes I also have a snack bar and/or some beef jerky.

In summer I drink 70 ounces of half strength Gatorade (less when it's cooler), and may even drink some additional water on a very hot day. I have been dehydrated boating before, and it's not something you want to mess with, it takes hours to rehydrate and the accompanying headache is rough - so I don't push my luck. Some guys I play with go through a couple of beers while playing, I very rarely do that.

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We have some healthy people here. This is a good read to see other options of food/beverage types. 

For me it really depends on the day. I rarely eat on the course as I find it cumbersome and sometimes just a PITA. 

That said, I will have a protein bar in my bag and hope I remember its there. If I do eat at the turn its whatever ready made sandwich is available and maybe a hotdog, I am not a hotdog fan tho. 

Drinks vary, I always have water with me since its a habit from living in AZ for 20+ years. Morning is coffee and depending on the day its a bloody Mary or something along those lines. Depending on how the round is going I will have a beer although I don't carry those with me as I like to support the course I am at. 

Afternoon rounds again depends on the day, but I will water, and most likely 2 barley pops per side. If its a bad round that number goes up and if its really bad a shot of something not whiskey. 

If I am in a match play situation I most likely will only have water/coffee/Body Armor. Team event, it depends on the team, but more times than not we will have beers. 


I find this funny as I have a couple of friends that are scratch golfers or plus. One of them is the more he drinks the better he plays and it pisses me off. Birdie bottles, beers, etc.  Another is just steady eddy will have a beer or 3 and shoot 72. 

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