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Is Maxfli DTC?


Is Maxfli a DTC brand for golf balls?  

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  1. 1. Is Maxfli DTC?

    • Yes
    • No

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57 minutes ago, tschott said:

Maxfli 2020 is 2 for $60 and 2019 is 2 for $45. Might want to try OnCore they have buy 2 get one free.

Think I saw the 2021 Tour 48 box on sale for $104.98 at Dick's. Good price, Good Ball.

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Walmart sells Vice products, balls, hats, gloves and bags.  At least my Walmart(Wesley Chapel, FL). So does that mean they are no longer DTC?

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DTC brands can still branch out to brick and mortar and still be considered DTC since their primary method of distribution is still direct to consumers. 


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Like others have stated, I feel like that its kind of hairsplitting and depends on your interpretation of DTC. I am okay with MGS classifying Maxfli as DTC if they are in the grey area- as long as they include their definition/criteria of DTC

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DTC technically refers to the product originator (not necessarily the producer) selling to the consumer directly while bypassing 3rd party retail, wholesale, and/or distribution. The point is to eliminate unnecessary intermediary margins that result in additional retail markup. 

In the case of Maxfli, it is a house brand of DSG and only sold in their retail locations so classifying that as DTC is acceptable because DSG has full control over the marketing/distribution/retail portion of the supply chain. Costco’s Kirkland balls qualify as well. 

Additional to this particular industry, most consider the fact that balls considered to be DTC are produced in independent, white label factories not owned by the originator. The most direct form of distribution in this industry would be purchasing a urethane offering from Acushnet, Bridgestone, or Callaway (all fully manufactured in wholly owned facilities) via their website.


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Everythig get screwed up eventually.

I remember Maxfli as a major premium model made by Dunlop,

just as Top Flite was a major premium model made by Spalding.

Now neither is affiliated with its original source in any way but they're still around as store brands.


Then again, I also remember playing with R&A spec 1.62" golf balls,

so what I remember doesn't matter much any more.




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On 11/21/2021 at 4:49 PM, tschott said:

Maxfli 2020 is 2 for $60 and 2019 is 2 for $45. Might want to try OnCore they have buy 2 get one free.

I just bought 48 MaxFli Tours for $104.98 - $26.25/dozen with free shipping. Pretty sure they’re the 2021 model as well based on the alignment markings and pricing.


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On 11/19/2021 at 7:30 AM, Middler said:

You can buy two dozen Maxflis for $60 almost all the time. You can’t get Snell MTBs for $30/dozen even if you buy 5 dozen, and you now pay shipping for Snells - though there’s a Black Friday free shipping promo going on thru 11/29. With several Dicks and Golf Galaxy’s near me, it’s cheaper and more convenient than ordering from Snell.

I recently got two dozen 2021 Maxflis for $40.  Dick's had the $60 deal for two dozen you describe and sent me a $20 coupon so $40 for two dozen urethane golf balls that got excellent reviews from MGS.

I went to the store to pick it up.  Would it have counted more as direct to consumer if I had ordered it from their website and had it shipped to me?  Isn't the key QPR not the method in which I get it?

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