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Seriously considering dropping a wood......thoughts?

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On 11/30/2021 at 5:49 AM, Shank Aaron said:

Tons of responses, and I truly appreciate the feedback. There's a lot to catch up on in this thread with the Holiday weekend, but every opinion given by y'all is appreciated. I think both woods and the 4h will take turns on the bench to test out how things work with the courses and distances I play (typically 6200-6400 by tournament/league  flighting). One of the things I didn't clear up that I meant to was with the wedges. I know the lessons I'm currently taking over the winter will either help, or flat out solve a bunch of my issues, but the main thing I wanted to accomplish with adding a wedge was more versatility/flexibility for my game. The majority of my approach shots are within 120 yards, with the bulk of those being 80 and closer. 


At the end of the day, the plan is to grind the lesson plan, and apply everything over the winter and experiment with my set up as much as possible. Again, thanks to all of you for the input. I'll post some updates on my progress as time goes. Cheers, boys.

I am going to have slightly different insight. Take it for what you will.


If you are planning on playing tournament golf from 6200-6400, I'd remove the OB finder, and the 5 wood.  Add a club that carries 115 with a stock swing, and get a very high lofted wedge and learn how to use it.


As far as you hit the 3 wood, there is never a reason to hit driver on a 6400 yard course. You will almost always have a short iron or wedge in your hands for the approach. I know this because the events that I play in are all from 6400-6700, and I only carry driver 260 anymore. Believe me, if you don't LOVE your driver and believe that you are going to melt one 300 in the center every time, I'd leave it at home.  


Driver is my best club. I may not always hit the fairway, but I always believe that I will. 

Putter? that another thing.


I'd seriously give it a shot during the off season, and see if your average score drops.


Good luck!

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19 hours ago, funkyjudge said:

I went the opposite route for my winter golf tour event yesterday because I was tired of carrying a bag with 14 clubs in it .

Got it. The fifteen club solution won't fly in every circumstance.

It flies playing with carts with other geriatrics on weekday mornings.

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