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Favorite brand fairway woods


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I've always been a fan of Cleveland fairways. Not sure why but I've always found them the easiest to hit. I also like the pxg 341 I recently put in the bag. 

😧 Wilson Triton

3w: PXG 341

5W: Cleveland launcher 

3H: Wilson Deep Red

5-GW: PXG 0211

SW LW: Mizuno MP T5

P: Scott Cameron Newport

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I’m a big fan of the way the Titleist fairway woods look at address. I have loved the Titleist fairways since the 915 version. Tsi2 is a great shape and very forgiving. 

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Driver: :callaway-small: Rogue ST 9 💎💎💎 Ventus Black 6TX 

Fairway: :titelist-small: TSi2 16.5 Accra RPZ Tour 472 M5+

Hybrid: :ping-small: G410 23 Ventus Blue 10X

Irons:  :callaway-small: Apex TCB 5-AW Modus 130X :titelist-small: T100 4 iron Modus 130X 

Wedges: :vokey-small: SM8 54.12, 60.08 Modus 125 Wedge/60.10 LAGP L Series 120 Wedge 

Putter: :ping-small: PLD Anser 

:titelist-small: Pro V1 

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The ones that work best for my swing in a fitting. Typically in no particular order Ping, Titleist, Taylormade, Nike

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Driver: PXG 0811 X+ Proto w/UST Helium 5F4

Wood: TaylorMade M5 5W w/Accra TZ5 +1/2”, TaylorMade Sim 3W w/Aldila rogue white

Hybrid: PXG Gen2 22* w/AD hybrid

Irons: PXG Gen3 0311T w/Nippon modus 120

Wedges: TaylorMade MG2 50*, Tiger grind 56/60

Putter: Scotty Caemeron Super Rat1

Ball: Titleist Prov1

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I love Titleist fairway woods because they don't have club numbers.

I have them from multiple genertions.


If you give me a Callaway, Cobra, Ping, TaylorMade, or Titleist fairway wood, I would probably hit all five of them roughly the same.


That's definitely not the thing for an internet golf forum poster to write,

but I'm a half-decent fairway wood player

and all the premium brand models that I've had the opportunity to try and even own

seem to be OK if they're not too upright or closed faced.


I choose for the loft that fills my set,

for the flattest lie angle available at that loft,

and if all else is equal, cosmetics.  

I happen to love the no club number look on metals, especially those that are sold individually and not part of a matching set.

That's all of them now.

That 's my reason, but none of those hideously expensive models actually suck. They're mostly pretty hittable.



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I found the PING G425's were the best in terms of dispersion and how easy they are off the deck. Lacked a little distance, but I was looking for accuracy over distance. 

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:ping-small: Driver: G425 Max 10.5*
:ping-small: Wood: G425 Max
:ping-small: Wood: G425 Max
:titelist-small: Hybrid: TS2 23*
:titelist-small: Irons:  6 to GW, T300 
:titelist-small: Wedges:  Vokey SM8 50F, 54S, 58K
:cameron-small: Putter: 1998 Tei3 Newport Long Neck
:titelist-small: Ball: Yellow Titleist VG3
:nike-small: Bag: Nike Air Hybrid Golf Bag

I Love the Art of Putting!

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Underrated, but great options and even you could look at older models as they still perform really well are the Cobra series from F7 onwards. They have the rails which help with turf interaction and out of rough, but that also comes from someone who owns both a f7 3 and 7 wood and would find it hard to go away from them. In any case worth a look!

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 ⛳🛄 as of April 15, 2022

SuperSpeed 2020 from 100-112 and climbing!

Driver:   :callaway-small: Mavrik Sub Zero - Set at 9.5* with Aldila Rogue Max 65 gram 

Wood:    :cobra-small: F7 3 wood 14.5* w/ weight back

               :ping-small: G410 Crossover - 2 and 4 iron

Irons:     :ping-small: i210 5-U w/ Nippon Modus 105 stiff (2018 Tester)

Wedge:  :ping-small: Glide 2.0 54* 58* w/ Nippon Modus 105 Stiff

Putter:   :odyssey-small: Stroke Lab 7 35* and oversized grip (2019 Tester)

Balls:      :srixon-small: Z Star

Other:     :Arccos: 

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I'll have to go with WITB currently; G400's.  While not among the longest, they are very easy to hit off the deck.  Being able to grab a 3w or 5w with no hesitation and loads of confidence is pure gold. Others I've tried (bag fitting session) are the Tour Edge, Titleist, Cobra, and Callaway.  It was hard to compare them since TrueSpec did not have a G400 adapter so that my  stock Alta CB and upgrade shaft options could be tested.  Of those, the Titleist and TE were the longest by about 5 yards but I did not find the Titleist as reliable.  There is something about the flatter sole/profile that works for me.

:ping-small: G410 Plus, 9 Degree Driver 

:ping-small: G400 SFT, 16 Degree 3w

:ping-small: G400 SFT, 19 Degree 5w

:srixon-small:  ZX5 Irons 4-AW 

:ping-small: Glide 2.0 56 Degree SW   (removed from double secret probation 😍)

:EVNROLL: ER5v Putter  (Evnroll ER5v Official Review)



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12 hours ago, Nateyeight said:

I found the PING G425's were the best in terms of dispersion and how easy they are off the deck. Lacked a little distance, but I was looking for accuracy over distance. 

Second. I don't carry a 5W, but I hit my buddy's Ping at the range and had the exact same experience.

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Driver: :cobra-small: Speed Zone 9* HZRDUS Smoke Yellow Shaft

3 Wood: :cobra-small: King Speedzone 13.5* HZRDUS Smoke Black Shaft

2 & 3 Hybrids: :cobra-small: Speedzone Recoil 480 ESX Shaft

Irons: :cobra-small: Speedzone 5-GW Recoil 460 ESX Shafts

Wedges::callaway-logo-1: PM Grind 54* & 58*

Putter: :odyssey-small: Dual Force Rossi II

Ball: Whatever I find in the woods



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I like the Titleist as well.  I have both the 15 and 16.5.  They are pretty forgiving and also great off the tee or on the fairway.  The adjustability is pretty good as well.

Hard to go wrong with a TSi, but the downside is that they aren't very cheap.

:titelist-small:  TSi 3   9.0  AV Raw White 65 Stiff

:titelist-small:  TSi3  15.0 AV Raw White 75 Stiff

:titelist-small: TS3 21 Hybrid Tensei AV Blue 65 HY Stiff 

:titelist-small:  4 iron 716 AP2 - DG 300 AMT Reg

Haywood  5-PW iron Signature - DG S300 Stiff

:taylormade-small:  52 - 09 Tour Preferred EF  - KBS Tour Wedge 

Haywood   56 - 12 KBS Tour Wedge

:taylormade-small:  60 - 10 Tour Preferred - KBS Tour Wedge 

:titelist-small:  Scotty Special Select - Squareback 2

 :srixon-small: Z-Star 


 :Arccos: Official MGS Tester 2021

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Both of my fairways are Callaways and I like them just fine. Good value and great performance. If I was to look for new ones, I'd probably go Cobra or Cleveland.

In my  :wilson_staff_small:  carry bag:
:wilson_staff_small:  D7 
:cleveland-small: Hy-Wood
:wilson_staff_small: D200 5i-PW
:cleveland-small: CBX 54* & 58*
:cleveland-small: #10

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Tour Edge Exotics have worked well for me for fairway woods and hybrids.  Love the way they look, feel and sound.  Hot off the face.

I have a Taylormade SIM Ti 5 wood in the bag now and do not like how it looks, feels or sounds, but I can’t argue with the performance so it stays in the bag.

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Ping G410 LST 10.5

Taylormade SIM Ti - 19 lofted down to 17

Tour Edge XCG7 - 21

Tour Edge C721 - 25

Corey Paul - 5-PW Japan Forged Minimalist Blades

Corey Paul Functional Art 50, 54 & 58

Odyssey O Works Black #7 with BGT Stability Tour Shaft, SuperStroke Traxion 3.0 & 75g CounterCore

Bridgestone Tour BRX

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Still have the King Cobra F8’s from the Cobra Challenge 4  years ago. Both the 3W and 5W are adjustable. Currently the 3W is at 16* and the 5W is at 20*. Essentially they are 4W & 6W but I get the ball up much better and almost the same distance.  As they are almost 5 years old at over 100 rounds a year, I am interested in the PXG 0211 5W & 7W.

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Driver: PXG 0211 w/Evenflo Riptide CB Regular shaft 

Fairways:  Cobra King F8 3-4W(16*), 5-6W(20*) both w/Mitsubishi ck Blue regular shaft and Tour Edge E521 9W

Hybrid: Cobra F8 3 Hybrid(19*) w/Recoil ES regular shaft 

Irons: Wilson D7 5-PW w/Recoil 460 Regular graphite shafts 

Wedges: Cleveland RTX Zipcore(50*/54*/58*) w/True Temper Spinner Wedge steel shaft  

Putter: 33" Evnroll ER2 w/Evnroll Gravity Grip 

Bag: Vice cart bag(Black).  

Pushcart:  Caddytek 3.0 from Costco

Ball: Maxfli Tour CG & Titleist Pro V1x.


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For both off the tee and off the deck, the Cobra and Ping lineups are pretty solid overall.

Taylormade is an absolute bomber off the tee, but can be a bit low spin which can limit its utility depending on your swing speed

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:ping-small: G410 LST 9* VA Nemesys 65X

:ping-small: G425 LST 14.5* Tour AD DI 7X

:titelist-small: 818 H2 20* Tour AD DI 85X

:mizuno-small: MP20 HMB 4 - Tour AD 95X

:mizuno-small: JPX 919 Tour 5-PW OBAN CT 115X(-)

:titelist-small: Vokey SM7 50F - 54S - 60D

:ping-small: PLD Milled Anser 2

:titelist-small: ProV1



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All depends on you... I've hit multiple brands and dependent on what I'm trying to accomplish. I really don't care about brand loyalty myself, you may have more confidence though in one. To each their own pursue of a great FW wood. My 7wd is old but like the smaller head, there are plenty that are more forgiving but it works for less than perfect lies and can get to the ball decently- where it ends up is another story. haha.

Some will be easier to hit than others, spin less or more etc... I tend to go more a smaller clubhead as some are just atrociously too big to think I can hit off of the deck- we all have our demons.


Highly suggest to look at them and if you're lucky enough, hit them on the course. Hitting at the stores in the bays give you an idea but the mats vs. dirt react differently as you already know.




:taylormade-small: SIM 9* - Hzdrus RDX Black 70

:taylormade-small: M1-3HL- Hzdrus RDX Blue 70

:callaway-small:     Steelhead 7WD RCH99

:bridgestone-small: J15 CB 4-pw C-Taper Lite

:benhogan-small:Equalizer Wedges 50*-54*-58* V- Tour

:seemore:- M3W





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I'm using Cobra woods as they have the adjustability that I need.  I've paired them with the UST/MAMAYA Helium shafts which are a really solid combination. I'm getting the 3/4 wood up well, and have similar results with the 5.  Just another good option.

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WITB - A Cobra Speedback Driver, Cobra fairway 3 wood, Infinity 7 wood, two Golfworks 20* and 23* Iron hybrids, Bridgestone Irons from 6i through PW, e  Infinity wedges, and a Heavy Putter. All but the putter have various UST/Mamiya shafts. I assembled all the clubs and shafts myself as a Custom Club Builder.


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I currently carry two Callaway Epic fairway woods (3 wood and a Heaven adjusted down to about a 5 wood) and a Ping G 7 wood.  One feature I like on the Callaways is that I can adjust the loft, bias, etc. without having to rotate the shaft.  So, the shaft graphics and grip graphics are always in the same orientation.  I know, not a really great reason!

Looking over all the responses to date, just about every major fairway wood manufacturer was mentioned.  That would imply that (a) there's a lot of good fairway woods out there and (b) personal preferences play a big role in which one you choose.   

Best of luck in your fairway wood quest!

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Ping G400 SFT with a Matrix MFS 5 Korean Prototype Senior shaft, 12 degrees
Callaway Epic Flash 15 degree 3 wood, with a stock Project X Evenflow 45 grams senior shaft.  
Calloway Epic GBB Epic 20 degree Heaven Wood, with a stock Diamana 40 gram senior shaft
Ping G 20.5 degree 7 wood, with a stock Alta 65 gram senior shaft
Ping G hybrid 5 (26 degrees) with stock Alta 70 gram senior shafts.
Ping G30 irons 6-W, Yellow dot with graphite Fujikura EXS 60i R2-Flex shafts
Edison wedges:  50 degrees, 55 degrees and 60 degrees, 2 degrees up with KBS Tour Graphite A flex shafts
Putters:  New Evnroll ER10 Outback
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I’ve got a little of everything in my bag, Titleist, XXIO, PXG, Cleveland, but one of the clubs I absolutely love is a Tour Exotics C721 strong 3. Hot face and when I really need to get it in the fairway this is my go to club off the tee. Think Tour Exotics is an overlooked brand for fairways. 

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I have always been, and still am, a big fan of Tour Edge Exotics fairways and they have been my #1 favorite brand for fairway woods for at least 15-18 years. However, I have played a Titleist TS2 16.5* 4-wood, occasionally alternating it with an Exotics 4 (16.5*) or strong 5 (17.5*) wood over the past 18 months. What I generally use any of these fairway woods for is tee shots on shorter (less than 355 yard) and tighter par-4 holes and even occasionally on tight par-5 tee shots. Maybe a handful of times each season (I play 60 to 80 rounds minimum per year and play year-round), I will use the 4-wood on long approach shots from perfect fairway lies.

Rather infrequently, I drop my 4-hybrid and replace it with an adjustable Callaway Epic Flash 7-wood set at 20* to 22* loft. I generally only do this in the colder, and usually wetter, winter months, when I am looking for more carry than I can get from my 4-hybrid and I know that I am going to be getting little to no run-out on the shots that I hit with either club. Sure, I get some plugged balls hit with the 7-wood if I use it off the tee, but it is better for hitting approach shots into long par4s, and we play a lot of those holes on my winter golf tour when distance is reduced anyway thanks to cold and often damp playing conditions.

That’s my take on fairway club preferences and usage.

Edited by funkyjudge


Driver: Ping G425 Max, 9*, Miyazaki  Kuala Mizu Tour Issue 6S, 44.75" playing length

4-Wood: Titleist TS2, 16.5*, Miyazaki Kuala Mizu Tour Issue 7S, 42.75" playing length

5/7-Wood: Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero set to 20* loft; Tensei Blue 75-S, 41.5" playing length

Hybrids: Exotics EXS Pro (22*), Mitsubishi Tensei Silver 75S

Irons: Exotics EXS220 5-iron and New Level MODB-1 (6-iron through PW), KBS TGI Tour 80 (stiff) shafts

Wedges: New Hogan Equalizer wedges (48* and 56* + Maltby TSW Forged 52-8, all bent 1* weak

Putter: Evnroll ER2, 34”with Gravity Grip

Ball: Snell MTBx



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