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KBS vs Project X


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The Mizunos appear to be 1 degree stronger 8-PW and 2 degrees stronger in the 4-7 irons. Different lofts, head designs and materials plus different shafts and shaft weights could be much of the difference.

Choose the ball flight and distances that are best for your game and the courses you play.

Driver-Ping G400 Max


Hybrid - Adams Super LS 21 degree  

Irons-Maltby PTM, KBS Tour stiff

Wedges-Maltby M-Series+

Putter-Maltby C.E.R. C-Ray  

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I went to a fitter and started with my driver.  We quickly found out I make excellent contact but only have a swing speed of 60mph. (72 years old with a couple back surgeries and another needed).  The fitter suggested I try Lady's shafts.  We re-did the Callaway Fusion driver. I loved the additional 10-15 yards. Ordered a set of Callaway Mavericks in lady's with the shaft extended 2" and thicker grips.  I am in heaven; love them.  Before you call me a sissie; Tom Watson gave Freddie Couples a 4 wood.  He used it all season and loved it.  At the end of the season, he accidentally broke the shaft. When he went to get it replaced, they told him it was a lady's shaft.  Just info for thought for all you old guys out there.


SDVOSB precision Marker, Richard Sweet, Founder

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First of all, whatever club you're hitting, put the same shaft into the same head to give you an idea of what changing shafts would do. Mizuno has almost every option in their fitting matrix with most flexes. That's the best apples to apples comparison you can make. The spin and launch rates may be different that what you're playing because the club head is different, but it's your best option.

What you might want to look at, also, is the ball.  There are some great TXG videos on youtube that give you a really good idea how much a golf ball change (which is going to cost you significantly less than re-shafting an entire set) your launch and spin characteristics.  

:wilson_staff_small:  Cortex w/MGS Motore X F1 7X tipped 1"

:wilson_staff_small: F5 17 degree hybrid w/Rogue Black 85X

:wilson_staff_small:C300 Forged 3-5 w/C-Taper 130X

:wilson_staff_small: FG Tour V6 5-6 w/C-Taper 130X

:wilson_staff_small: Staff Model Blade 7-PW w/C-Taper 130X

:cleveland-small: RTX4 52, 56, 60 w/S400 Tour Issue


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Got fitted at Golftec and basically had to demand they bring out the Titleist and Taylormades.  All they wanted me to hit were Mizunos or Calloway’s. Fitting numbers ended up being the best with the P770’s project X 6.0 tipped 1 inch. Absolutely the best irons for my game now. 

Spend sometime and educate yourself before the fitting and don’t be afraid to ask and try something not on the fitters radar. 

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When you originally went to GolfTec for your fitting, and looked at the Mizuno 921 Pro, did they have you use the Mizuno Shaft Optimizer? This gives the fitter suggestions for shafts, that would be recommended for you (brand, weight, flex, etc)? Had you taken time off from golfing, prior to your fitting?  I was fitted for Mizuno clubs a few years back, and did a lot of trial and error with shafts. My decision KBS Tour 90R, was not in the top five recommendations from the Swing Optimizer, but I spent a lot of time in a bay prior to my fitting, trying shafts and looking at the data. Good luck in finding the right club/shafts for golf. Remember it takes time to get used to new clubs. I usually expect 1/2 a season to really get used to the changes (I golf 50-60 rounds a year, with lots of range ball time).

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Personal anecdote…


I hit the KBS consistently 10-15ft higher than Planet X and spin about 7000 on a iron vs 6000 in the PX. both of these mean the ball travels about 10 yards less on the same head. 

another personal anecdote is I get the same apex and spin rate using a P770 in a KBS tour 130X as I do using a P7MB in PX6.5. 

"C'mon be good"

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I made a change from KBS Tour 130X to PX 6.0 soft stepped 1.  I wanted a bit lighter shaft and got the spin and launch numbers I wanted. Trajectory control is best I’ve ever had since charging. 

Larry A. Merrick 

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