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What's in my bag

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To explain what is in my bag, I would have to start with who I am.  I am a 72 year old man who has had major back and neck problems. I walk with a cane and have to play with a handicap flag. (Pain in the ass for an old Infantryman).  I went to a club fitter and the 1st thing we found out is my swing speed is about 60mph.  The fitter suggested Lady's shafts.  We tried it on my Callaway Fusion driver and I loved it.  I then purchased a chip and of Lady's Callaway Mavericks with the shaft extended 2" and thicker grips.  I am in heaven.  I win a lot in hanCheck it out at www.precisionmarker.comdicap tournaments (mine is 25) because I am consistent.  Same scores over and over.  I will still not be able to get to most par 4's in 2, but I am having a blast.  I also chip, do bunker shots, and putt better than most.  Of course, that might have something to do with my company; Precision Marker.  Check it out at www.precisionmarker.com   

SDVOSB precision Marker, Richard Sweet, Founder

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