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Grindworks PR-202


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I'm considering purchasing Grindworks PR-202 irons, I'm finding little in the area of the reviews or comments. I'm willing to take the purchase risk, but would like to hear constructive thoughts from others. I realize (and agree) Reed's personality is controversial, so please lets set that aside. I'm celebrity branding agnostic. As a former registered skeet (class AA and state champion) shooter, so I know the sporting tool is not everything, abiltiy is foremost and paramount, and having confidence in the tool is everything, and I like the confident look of the PR-202, the wedges too. Currently I'm playing AP3's.

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My son has been playing the PR-202 irons for most of this season. He had been playing the Cobra CB/MB irons for 2 years and the AP2s before that, he love the PR-202s. They feel very soft and have some forgiving, like the AP2s. I looked at getting a set also but ended up with PXGs. 
The Grindworks USA group were very good to deal with, he was able to hit a demo club before he decided to buy.

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