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When do you ‘throw in the towel’ on an instructor


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I don't have much experience with coaches, but I can tell you that of the ones I've worked with, there were two that simply were not going to work. I saw plenty of the people they worked with and they were not bad coaches by any means, but their style did not mesh with me. It was all about hitting angles and positions at different points of the swing and that just didn't work for me.

Regardless of what sport I have ever played, I have always been a feel person, so I have always had my own little quirks. I have been technically solid at contact, but I usually have a little timing hitch that would drive coaches crazy. These two coaches refused to accept that and were so focused on hitting the right measurements that my mind just became so cluttered I couldn't do it. My brain is typically over-analytical so during sports I need the least number of thoughts possible or I get tense. That style just wasn't working for me. It was just an issue with my brain and that style of coaching not working together, not a knock on either coach by any means. 

My current coach is online and I'm still working in his first tweaks. I know my swing has a couple issues, but I believe that many of them are linked. He has me working on one specific thing that will not only give me a kind of immediate benefit, but also provide a foundation to then make the next set of corrections without trying to overhaul my swing entirely all at one time.

I will say, with this coach, I was much more upfront with where my issues were and what I wanted to work on and he was able to pinpoint a big cause almost immediately. We have had much better back and forth communication compared to the coaches that I did not get along with. Unfortunately, I need to understand the why before I'm willing to follow the instructions. 

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