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"RIMROCK" from MannKrafted


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I was asked to create a putter in this style similar to the Ray Cook Silver Ray and try to keep it around 425 grams. he Silver Ray was a very light putter and the customer is on the other end of the weight spectrum. I went to work and carved this one from a block of steel.





The customer loved the process, but relayed to me that he would love it more if the toe and heel bumpers were more closely sized the same. Not a problem. I don't think that I'll have a problem moving this one and the work that was done taught me a thing or two as I milled.




This bad rascal tips the scales at 413.4 grams and I'll be checking the toe hang as soon as I post this message. I wanted to give the SuperGlue a chance to dry, just a bit before I put too much weight on that bond, LOL.




The entire putter is milled from 1018 CR Steel and the plug you see in the tip of the hosel is temporary. I placed it there to maintain the shape of the socket, while adjusting the bends in the neck.

Milling on the face is a double-pass with the base pass giving it a Deep Milling, and then a pass at a much faster feed rate and slower cutter speed with an additional .003 of depth, to give it the larger circles overlapping the base.




Check it out and if you want to give the belly style a try, here is one very unique place to start.

Thanks again,

LaMont in AZ







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As a matter of fact, right out of the gate it hung nearly perfectly face-balanced. I've got a call in to my welder for a Sunday app't and let's see what we can make happen.

Picked up the shaft and grip for this rascal, today, just need someone to give me a length, LOL.

There is a customer I have in mind and I'll post here if she is sold by Sunday.

Thanks and Happy New Year!

LaMont in AZ

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I got a wild hair, tonight and tracked down an old Aldila driver shaft, X-flex that had been stuck in a corner for a rainy day. It was originally a little longer, but a fracture sent it to an early grave and landed it in my hands. I tipped this bad boy several inches and now it is a .355-ish tip and fit right into the hosel cup that was bored on this neck.

It may or may not wind up staying there, but I'll get that head welded and at least give it a roll or two. It plays at 41" with the graphite in it and might fit me, just right.

Time will tell and I'll let you guys know how it fares.


LaMont in AZ





Just as a side note, the lie and loft have not be set, just yet. Once it is welded up, I'll set specs to fit the intended player and it won't look as "OFF" as it does from some of the angles.





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