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Anyone have info on the Edison wedges?

Eat My Divots

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I purchased a 55 probably a month and a half ago.  Given their info that the design causes the ball to fly farther (than even a wedge 1 degree stronger), I didn't have them bend it to a 54.  My overall opinion of the wedge is positive, but it does take some getting used to.  I haven't replicated their promise of tighter dispersion from mishits, which is not to say that I never mishit the ball.  I'm a 15 handicap now, so clearly I do.  But I do notice a difference in the travel of the ball, even from just around the green, between centered and off-centered shots.  Plus, I'm still getting used to how far they travel.  Or don't.

I hope as I get more accustomed to the wedge, and get more time to practice with it, my dispersion will tighten and my accuracy around the hole will improve.

Mizuno ST200G driver, Diamana White stiff

Mizuno ST200 Tour Spoon 3 wood, Diamana White stiff

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Mizuno MP223 irons, 4-GW, Nippon Modus X-stiff

Edison Forged wedges, 55 and 59 degree, KBS Tour stiff

Mizuno M Craft II putter

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I received my 49° Edison wedge about a month ago.  Came from the Cleveland RTX-3 48° and was looking for a more consistent distance with the gap wedge.  The Cleveland was good but on mishits I lost too much distance.  I went to the range with both the Cleveland and Edison and they were about the same distance on full shots, although I felt like the Edison was sending it further on mishits (which is what I was after).  Also, the Cleveland would balloon like crazy and the Edison produced a much a lower trajectory (another trait I was after).  Overall, I am enjoying the club but still need more on the course hits to get a better feeling for it.  

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2 hours ago, billybogey said:

 I really do not like paying out!!  


Lol...my sentiments exactly!

I checked out Edison a year or so ago.  Very tempting and very interested but...$$$$$$.  I'm retired and refuse to pay that much per club.  Components from GolfWorks and then 2ndswing for used clubs are my first go-to's when I get the "new" club urge.

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54*w, 58*w: Maltby TSW (Maltby Pro Series S...I'm experimenting with the "spinner shaft" hack, lol)

Maltby Pure-Track Tour Milled Putter, 33", plus 2' loft

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I got a 3 wedge set (51,55,59) from Edison in April of 21. I used them all year and they never disappointed. When it's time to replace them, I will be ordering Edison again.

I ordered them at the height of the supply chain crisis and inquired if I could put a rush on the order to have them for a golf trip a was taking. 

Bill from Edision called me directly, and overnighted them to me at no extra charge. The wedges look great and perform great. They are extremely forgiving so I generally get away with any mis-hits and I get great results through-out the year in all conditions. Edison is all about quality and customer service. I honestly can't say enough good things about them.

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Probably are good.  But I am stuck on Mizuno GFF wedges. I have a 52 deg 9 bounce  S5 and  a 60 deg T7 .  There might be better wedges somewhere.  Maybe.  GFF process allegedly makes a more uniform piece of steel.  I beleeeev.

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Three wood is TM Burner Superfast 3.0 on M (mature) flex

3H Old Adams A3OS red boxster on stock Graffaloy Platinum reg shaft

3 MP 18 MMC and 4 GFF hybrid Mizuno irons

5 Mizu hybrid Fli-hi

6 - W Ping I 500 irons on Recoil F3 reg flex shafts

Wedges:  Mizuno blue 52 09, 60 06, and old original Hogan Sure-out 56 14 sand

Chipper (yep I carry a chipper) old Don Martin Up n In bronze 

Putter Musty wood mallet, sometimes switch with my Scotty Cameron Futura X counter weight face balanced

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4 hours ago, Donn lost in San Diego said:

Probably are good.  But I am stuck on Mizuno GFF wedges. I have a 52 deg 9 bounce  S5 and  a 60 deg T7 .  There might be better wedges somewhere.  Maybe.  GFF process allegedly makes a more uniform piece of steel.  I beleeeev.

I too belive that!!!!!!

The problem with the world is that everyone is a few drinks behind .  And to keep that few drinks cold they use Koozies

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I have played a 59 bent to 58, the heads are somewhat compact especially when compared to the equivalent ping G-400 wedge. Takes a while to learn to use the sole. My current wedge set up is the stock sub70 PW & AW, Ping Glide 2.0 54 and the Edison. Only 5 rounds on the sub70's. 100+ rounds with the other wedges. Full 54 80 yards and 58 70.

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Maybe someone else has already mentioned this, but here goes.

There is a website for Plugged In Golf that has reviewed these wedges on more than one occasion.  Written reviews as well as a podcast.

It has also had testers use them, and it said that they put them into their own bag after trying them.

If interested, here's their link to their articles on those wedges:  You searched for edison wedges - Plugged In Golf

Or just Google the term "Plugged In Golf", and then use their search for Edison Wedges.


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I have a 49 53 57 61 Edison never had good luck with my wedges.

I would rather hit my 4 iron than my wedges any day.

I even practice with them before I go play and it just doesn’t help.

So I bought a 56 Vega that was used, I played it without practice and ended up having a great day …

 No way will I break 80 if I don’t do something about it.



Ping G 400 Max 10.5   
willwood irons 4 to pitching wedge Edisonwedges 49 53 57

taylormade big toe 60

Toulon design Las Vegas 



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