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Huge "THANK YOU" from MannKrafted to Bridgestone


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I came home this evening and found a box just inside my front door. It contained one of the best-looking drivers I have ever had the good fortune to put in my bag, the new J40 430 Model.

I have a great relationship with the guys over at Bridgestone and have used their line of balls for the better part of the past 24 years, dating back to the Rextar Balatas and before. They have really upped their game on the drivers, with the pair of J40 offerings, this year.

Check out the pictures and if you get a chance, hit this beauty. I have been a huge fan of the TM R510TP and this is as close as one gets, in address appearance, in a very long time. Can't wait to tee it up and give this one a workout.

Thanks a million to the great guys in Covington, GA.

LaMont in AZ













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Beautiful looking club!!! Please let us know how it goes. I am always looking for different stuff.

Whats in the bag:


Titleist 910D2 10.5 Graphite Design Y7-S

Adams 1600 proto 14.5 Graphite Design AD DJ

Titleist 910F 17 Ust Tour Black

Titleist 910H 22 Diamana Kali

Adams Idea Pro A12 4-9 KBS C Taper

Titleist Vokey SM4 46 degree w/ DG Spinner

Mizuno MP R12 50-54-58 DG spinner

Ping Redwood ZB

Ball Nike 20XI-X

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The review here was smoking if I remember correctly. And yes, the two Georgia USA homed Japanese companies both put out good product.


I've toured the Mizzy facility, but the Bridgestone facility, I've never been to. Did you know that the guy that created the Bridgestone brand simply flipped the American meaning of his name around in order to name the line? The lady pro that was at my old course is from his home country, and she ended up here via Florida (where she lived across the street from Boo Weekley). Anyway, she said translated, his name meant Stone Bridge, but said he didn't think it sounded good, so he reversed them to say Bridgestone. Right, or wrong, I have no clue but that's what she says.

In The Bag
Driver: TaylorMade M2 (2017) w/ Project X T1100 HZRDUS Handcrafted 65x 
Strong 3 wood: Taylormade M1 15* w/ ProjectX T1100 HZRDUS handcrafted 75x
3 Hybrid: Adams PRO 18* w/ KBS Tour Hybrid S flex tipped 1/2"
4 Hybrid: Adams PRO 20* (bent to 21*) w/ KBS Tour Hybrid S flex tipped 1/2"
4-AW: TaylorMade P770 w/ Dynamic Gold Tour Issue Black Onyx S400

SW: 56* Scratch Tour Dept(CC grooves) w/ Dynamic Gold Spinner
LW: 60* Scratch Tour Department (CC grooves) w/ Dynamic Gold Spinner
XW: 64* Cally XForged Vintage w/ DG X100 8 iron tiger stepped
Putter: Nike Method Prototype 006 at 34"

Have a ton of back-ups in all categories, but there are always 14 clubs in the bag that differ depending on the course and set-up. Bomb and gouge. Yes, I'm a club gigolo.

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Beautiful club. Looks like a closed face version of the Titleist 909D3 from the top. Very classy looking on the bottom. All the Bridgestone J40 series clubs are classy looking to me. But do not see much of it out here near my edge of the world. I do like there balls. That does not sound quite right, but e5 is the best "cheap" ball around and the RX is a great idea. Kudos to Bridgestone.


Driver:      :ping-small:  G425LST 9° on Graphite Design Tour AD DI 6s

Fairway:   :ping-small:  G425LST 3w on Graphite Design Tour AD DI 7s

                   :ping-small:  G425MAX 7w on Project X Hzrdus RDX Red Smoke 6.0

                 :ping-small:  G425MAX 9w on Project X Hzrdus Yellow 6.0

 Utility:    :cobra-small:  KING Forged Utility Black  4    on   UST RECOIL SMACWRAP

Irons:     :cobra-small: KING Forged TEC Black 5-G on Mitsubishi  MMT 

Wedges:  :mizuno-small: ES21 54° & 60° on KBS Hi Rev 2.0 

Putter:    :EVNROLL: ER5B

Balls:      :titelist-small: Pro V1 :taylormade-small: TP5x 

Shoes:     :footjoy-small:  

Range Finder: :918457628_PrecisionPro: Precision Pro  NX7 Pro

All grips are BestGrips Micro-Perforated


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