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Help! I can't fix my closed club face!

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Hey all!

I hope this is the right place to ask and seek the collective power of the interwebs. I've struggled for the longest time with a nasty hook. I constantly fight the dreaded snipe hook, low and left. After about 4 of those destructive shots I usually follow with a gigantic block right to 2 fairways over. So frustrating. I can see from pictures of my swing at the top that my club face is shut (pointing straight up to the sky). I've tried all of the tips and tricks to get that face neutral that I can possibly find. My grip, I belive, is neutral, my wrist seems neutral, I just always end up closed at the top and cannot figure out how to fix it. Path is good-ish, I make quality strikes and usually hit the center of the face, but with face to path varying from -3 to -9, it's hook city or hold it off with a block.

Anyone got a swing thought or technical fix for me to try? Thanks!!20220113_200346.jpg.f2e9cb92d35868c8e6b96d838dd196ca.jpg




I'm a tinkerer. WITB depends on the day of the week. Partial to Ping and Callaway at the moment.

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Looking at still photos of the top of of the backswing is almost useless. One would need video of the swing from both gave on and down the line to see what’s going on. The swing is 1/2 over once the lead arm gets to parallel. Anything that happens from that point to impact is a compensation for where the club face is at lead arm parallel.

post a video 

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