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Difference between KBS 610 and s400 wedge shafts


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Wondering what the difference really is between the KBS 610 wedge shaft and the DG s400. If you guys play either or what did you notice when you switched, why did you switch and how has it improved your game? 

Hit’em hard! 

Driver: Taylormade Sim 2 Max

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Driving Iron: Titleist u510

Hybrid: Taylormade Gapr

Irons: Taylormade P760

Wedges: Vokey Jet Black 52/56/60

Putter: Taylormade Spider X

Ball: ProV1x

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Some players like a slightly softer flex shaft in their wedges for finesse shots around the green and to produce high floaty soft landing shots from the fairway.  The KBS 610 shaft is not the shaft for that type of player.

The KBS 610 shaft is for the player that wants a stiff and stable shaft that will allow the player to drive their full swing wedge shots in to the green with a penetrating trajectory that will then one hop and stop.  If you play in an area with strong winds or you struggle with wedge shafts that spin too much than the KBS 610 just might be a contender for you.

The KBS 610 wedge shaft is similar to the KBS Tour-V shaft but designed to have an even flatter trajectory.  Both have a fairly soft tip to still impart spin. Tight dispersion is another aspect of these shafts. I have played the Tour-V wedge shafts the last few years and really like them.  I have a set of three 610 shafts that I’ll be putting into a new set of Corey Paul Wedge heads.

Both are great around the greens and feel stable but still provide one hop and stop spin. If you like to hit more of a knockdown shot with your wedges than the Tour-V or 610 shafts will be a great fit.  Both shafts are pretty stiff, no whippy feeling, but they retain the lively KBS feel and are fairly light at 120 grams for the 610 Stiff flex and 125 grams for the Tour V wedge and you need some speed to get the most out of them.

The Dynamic Gold S400 shafts are heavier at 132 grams and have always felt boardy to me. 


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Bridgestone Tour BRX

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I’ve used both.  I prefer the 610, I have it in my PW right now and plan to use it on the rest of my wedges too.  I got the S+, which is probably a little heavy but it blends nicely with the C-Tapers in my irons.


Just a solid, stable shaft that provides enough zip to do what I need it to.  Stops 50-75 yard pitches in one hop for me.  The flight is just amazing too.

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