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Sligo Wear Clothing Review

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An Official MyGolfSpy.com Review

Connect with Sligo:





Turn some heads while wearing incredibly comfy underwear?


Visit Sligo's website and the first thing you'll notice is that a dance party has started on your computer's speakers, take your pick on their music player, and Sligo might just help bring out your inner party boy.



image via sligowear.com


Loud colors, bold patterns, these come standard from Sligo - and you should probably prepare yourself when showing up to your first round wearing one of their pink shirts, someone WILL make a comment.


Their clothes aren't so loud that guys are waiting to see how far you knock your drive on the first tee, but they are bold enough to catch eyes and let the cart girl know you're there.




Sligo sent me a few pieces of their 2011 line to review before the 2012 line hits shelves and the PGA Show later this month.


Three shirts, two pairs of underwear, and a pair of socks is what I had the chance to put through the ringer - This is officially my first time reviewing underwear, and honestly, it's the part of the equation that I didn't figure in before starting the process.



The undies:


Not knowing where exactly to start from a "technical" standpoint with an underwear review, I hit up http://www.guysunderwearblog.com/ (seriously... don't click there) for some insight. - Pretty straight forward, material, waist band, comfort, fit. Got it.



image via sligowear.com


I've tried various underwear for golfing - I tend to walk more than ride, and underwear is always a factor at some point during my round, be it bunching up, rubbing weird, or causing too much build up of heat and not enough breathing for my boys.


Upon sliding into the Sligo Compression Boxers I was looking for something/anything negative. Problem was, I'd always forget I even had them on until I got home and it was time to change. Then it hit me, I never notice them, they don't cause me to over heat, they don't bunch up, it feels like I'm going commando, but with support in the most beautiful of ways.


No joke folks, if I owned 7 pairs of these, they would be my daily go-to both on and off the course.


The one gripe I ended up having with these after several washings - the tag on the back of the waist band is pretty thick, and I have a feeling after drying at too high of heat the edges may have "melted" because they've become a little stiff/scratchy. Simply removing the tag will be a simple fix, but that's the only negative I could find, and it is by far outweighed by how amazing these feel.




At $19.60 these are slightly less expensive than other brands which means a solid value and a no brainer purchase.


My rating:




The socks:

I'm all over the place when it comes to socks. I've got backpacking socks, day hiking socks, soccer socks, dress socks, cycling socks, and now I have golf socks.



image via sligowear.com


My biggest problem with socks is sweat/wicking, and seams that want to dig into my feet. The Sligo Tech Socks did a solid job with wicking my sweaty feet and only on one occasion did I find a seam digging into my foot, and after a quick adjustment I was back to my happy footed golfing self.


I can't say that Sligo's socks will be on my feet every day (I wear flip flops when I'm not golfing) - but if I'm running out the door for a quick round, and they are mixed in with my other socks, I'll dig for them first.


The socks are thin and comfy, and my feet don't feel gross when I take them off. Maybe not the most elite performance sock, but they do get the job done better than your dad's socks. At $29 for a pack of 3 pairs, I think the price might be a little high though.


My Rating:




The Shirts:

Two in the pink, one in the white - These are some colors I haven't attempted before on the course, and was amped to see what kind of reactions they would extract from others.




My first day out in one of the pink shirts (all three shirts are 100% Polyester) and within the first two holes my playing partners who'd I'd never met til that day were already heckling me about wearing pink. Good news is, I've worn pink outside of the golf course for several years now, so I'm not new to the idea of guys who are unsure about how to handle another dude wearing pink. Personally, it cracks me up when "men" are afraid of a color.


Turning a few heads and getting some comments put a smile on my face. I'm a reaction guy. Just ask my wife.




Fit and ability to move freely in a shirt is important to me, and as would be expected, Sligo's shirts performed well in this department. The shirts wick well, and breath like a champ. Just like their socks, I came off the course and didn't feel like my B.O. was trapped in the clothing.


These are solid shirts - the polyester holds the colors well and they have stayed bright and bold through a good amount of washing. The patterns featured on Sligo's clothing works for me, it breaks things up just enough and takes a plain piece of fabric and turns it into clothing with style.


Maybe one reason I connect with the Sligo brand is because Brian Gay has loud hair kinda like myself? Either way, Sligo is winning in my book and they do a really solid job of walking the line of loud and bold without crossing over into obnoxious.



image via sligowear.com


Running $68 on average for their shirts, Sligo has priced themselves side-by-side with all of the big names and have created a shirt well worth considering as your next purchase.


My Rating:




Final Thoughts:


The underwear are comfortable enough that I'm pretty sure Sligo could take the exact same design/materials, shrink it down to a girl's size, and you could give them to your wife for Christmas and she'd happily wear them just as quickly as her Victoria's Secret stash.


Do yourself a favor this year, invest in new underwear, and by all means, I think your man bits will be thankful to be supported by their gear.


And if you're in the market for some shirts, be on the lookout for 2012's line from Sligo, sure to impress with more bold colors and patterns that will keep you on the edge of golf fashion without trying so hard that everyone assumes you're a traveling pro.


My suggestion is if you are going to purchase a Sligo shirt (you should) - go with a shirt that has a pattern - that's what they're known for, and that's what really sets apart their clothing for me.



And some photos for you to enjoy of recent golf rounds:





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Hey JG,


That was actually one thing I didn't note (mostly because it was my own darn fault)


The fit of the shirt is great - just use their sizing chart to match your current shirt measurement to their sizes.


Their sizing chart is solid:



Those sizes are for if you measured a current shirt you own (lay the shirt down flat and measure any of those given lengths)

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Phana24JG - I wanna go golfing with you!!! I grew up a bit redneck (though never quite got into Nascar, so I guess not through and through)


disliked0 - get you some underwear man!!! these things will make your manhood happy as ever

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Phana24JG - I wanna go golfing with you!!! I grew up a bit redneck (though never quite got into Nascar, so I guess not through and through)


disliked0 - get you some underwear man!!! these things will make your manhood happy as ever


Tim, when I go to Tark's I will be sure to be in full NASCAR regalia so T can verify my fashion style. A good example can be gleaned from my recent trip to the Giants-Packers game. I took my daughter (a big Giants fan who lives in Stamford, Ct) to the game at Met Life. My daughter thought she was being clever by calling my wife and instructing her to hide my cheesehead. After careful reflection, a trip to the local costume store provided some green and gold facepaint which was three times more embarrassing than the cheesehead.

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