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WTS Ventus TR shafts

Shank Aaron

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So, I may have went a little crazy when I made the order, but I have a few TR shafts leftover from the builds I planned to use them for in my annual 2022 Driver Death Match. Figured Some of you would benefit. Just want out of them what I have in them. These are new, uncut shafts and I have 2 of each in X 7/6, S 7/6, and R 5/6. 


$325 + Paypal fees shipped to your door. Absolutely no trades. Thanks for looking. 





Shank's Early 2022 WITB

O.B. Finder- Rogue ST Max LS/Ventus TR 6X

3W- Rogue ST Max LS/Ventus TR 7X

5W- Stealth/Tour AD-HD 7X

4H- Epic Speed Super Hybrid/Tour AD-Di 9X

5-AW- Apex 21 $-Taper 120S Blackout

Spoons- Vokey SM9 54.10 S/58.08 M DG 120 S300

Flat One- Bettinardi Hive Poison Kool-Aid Innovai 6.0

Pro V1X

Vessel Players III 

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