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As is perhaps kind of obvious given the fact that I only pop up here a few times every so often, I only come when I find something interesting while out in the bushes or when I have a question. I have several questions today.

My first one is a general statement more than a question, but to the person I will most likely never meet, and who will for sure never see this, I would like to say thank you for making my day on Thursday with a shot that you probably took many years ago, and which I assume was an accident. Being completely obsessed with bears and having found a yellow ball with a little bear on it, well that was just amazing, so thank you person I will never meet.


Now for the actual questions. I would like to start my own small business sometime soon, and the only way I can currently see of making any money towards that is selling found golf balls, one, how should I distinguish which ones are worth more than others, and two, what price would be deemed reasonable for however many balls?

And just a last quick question, what kind of animal would hoard golf balls in the ground? I went out Thursday to an area I have been to many times before, and must have found about twenty or so balls all roughly in a five to ten foot radius, all buried in a quite large mound of dirt. I went back yesterday to this same place, and in that one five to ten foot radius at diffrent levels in the soil, I pulled out one hundred and fourteen balls, all equally filthy, and some covered in clay (Clay is a pain to get off balls, cannot recommend). I only got half way through digging when my alarm to go home went off which was annoying. I suspect that through the rest of the area would be the same, and I intend to go back very soon to test that theory. So to summarise, what kind of animal hoards balls completely unharmed in a very close radius, in incredibly large numbers, and if not an animal, how is this possible? I found at least one ball dated 2002 by a captain, and the course shut five years ago in March, so these balls have been sitting for a very long time completely covered in dirt and not at all obvious from an outside perspective.


Any help on this would be greatly appreciated, since as much as I love to have found this, it seems qeird they were in such an insane amount.

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Near me is the company Lost Golf Balls .com.  According to their website, minimum they will buy from you is 1000 if you contact them, otherwise minimum is 5000.

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On 2/7/2022 at 11:04 PM, RickK said:

Near me is the company Lost Golf Balls .com.  According to their website, minimum they will buy from you is 1000 if you contact them, otherwise minimum is 5000.

Sorry I only just saw this. Thank you. That gives me a figure to work with.

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